A memento mori is...

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User Info: Lady_Nijo

8 years ago#1
a genre of literature from medieval times. It is latin, as someone a few posts down said, but more than just mean 'remember, you will die', perhaps this game alludes to a popular morality play, or borrows a story or incorporates the traditional morality play theme. memento mori's were from a time when catholic and protestant writers was at each others throats and used literature as a tool to criticize the other's faith. perhaps someone who has played the game will be able to answer this question.

User Info: aMonsoone

8 years ago#2
Im intrigued by the depth of the meaning of the title, but do you have any idea what the gameplay is like?

Im hoping its not point to click. I like being able to control a character

User Info: Oktoberfest

8 years ago#3
Persona 3! haha
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