Lightweight K Cup - Best Car?

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User Info: tetsuo48

6 years ago#1
I tried tuning up some '58 subaru that they allowed but it was like driving a heavy scooter. I don't know any of the cars on the list. Anyone have a suggestion for this race?
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User Info: ItIsOkBro

6 years ago#2
I used the car you get for all silvers on the b-license. It's a premium and everything.
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User Info: Kyuubi11

6 years ago#3
Yeah, I used the car from the national b licence test too.
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User Info: Superemppu

6 years ago#4
Or buy the Mazda Autozam AZ1, if you want another premium car for the job.
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User Info: Syaieya

6 years ago#5
I used the Premium Suzuki Capuccino 95

it's the only one i saw that had a race mod

User Info: MikonX

6 years ago#6
Either the Cappuccino, AZ-1, or Honda Beat.
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User Info: ImEightyD

6 years ago#7
I bought the Mitsubishi (Can't remember exactly what). Its the first car in the Mitsubishi dealership I believe. I had absolutely no problem with the lightweight cup with that.
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User Info: fat_pizza

6 years ago#8
The Miev? I belive thats a electric car. But it might do the job.
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User Info: ren0901

6 years ago#9
Mikon_X posted...
Either the Cappuccino, AZ-1, or Honda Beat.

...had to go w/the Cappuccino. I tried the AZ1 but had probs w/oversteering...

User Info: Sorciere_basic

6 years ago#10

I killed it with the AZ-1, too easy.

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