Best car for like the wind?

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User Info: killertrumpet92

6 years ago#1

Ok so I am LV. 24 A-apec and I cant beat like the wind with any of my cars. I thought that my veyron would do the trick but I was still getting past like crazy. I dont really have any race cars right now so that may be the problem. Now I do have 1.5 mill saved up ( Ive been doing alot of seasonal events, bought expensive cars that suck lol) so can anyone suggest me a good car for like the wind and some of the other extreme series races?

User Info: e46

6 years ago#2
save up some more money and buy the formula gran turismo, you're going to need it later on anyway.

User Info: Nij99

6 years ago#3

You will need a race car. Some people say a race modded corvette Z01 will do the trick or the Mazda Furai from Bspec Roadster lvl5 race. Personally I used the Sauber C9 to demolish the competition. This and the FGT event are the only extreme events that might cause some difficulty if any

User Info: KiwiBerry

6 years ago#4
Corvette ZR1 -> race mod -> buy all upgrades -> ??? -> PROFIT!

Alternatively you can get a Mazda FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUrai from the B-spec Roadster event/Online Used Car Dealership.
PSN: TakatsukiYayoi

User Info: Marmotas

6 years ago#5

I managed to beat it with a GT40 '05.

1st race is just fine, dont make mistakes and you will make it.

2nd race, you will have to open the transmision a lot, and slipstream good, because the competition can demolish you if make 1 mistake. I beated this for 1 or 2 secs only.

User Info: killertrumpet92

6 years ago#6

OK so I bought the ZR1 and RM'ed it. So do you have any suggested tuneings for it?

User Info: LolzProNess

6 years ago#7
suspension low and downforce high?
PSN: lolCR7

User Info: KiwiBerry

6 years ago#8
downforce at 30/45 front/rear
leave the suspension alone
transmission top speed 230-ish
PSN: TakatsukiYayoi

User Info: BilliePilgrim

6 years ago#9
FGT. all of a sudden, like the wind and every other race becomes hilarious.
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User Info: bpeps

6 years ago#10
I took it with a VW Golf. You just gotta box them out with your car, smash them into the wall when you get the chance, and don't make any mistakes.
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