best drag set up?

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User Info: brant27

6 years ago#1
what is the general best set up for drag racing?
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User Info: Khaelos84

6 years ago#2
there are no drag races in GT5..

wrong forum dude
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User Info: DansterQc

6 years ago#3
No toe, no camber, set trans so you don't cutoff before the end of your run...
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User Info: EL_RIO_12

6 years ago#4
Dragging would have been AWESOME!!!

User Info: Godofmetal212

6 years ago#5
im not too much a fan of drag racing, but give me a little bit and i'll see if I can find a decent setup
lamp oil, rope, bombs, you want it? its yours my friend, just so long as you have enough mmmmm rupees...
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User Info: KissK00l

6 years ago#6

Don't forget the 50/50 distribution between front and rear wheels in case of 4WD.

I also usually slightly lower the ride, and stiffen the suspension.


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