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User Info: Eichro

6 years ago#1
So... Anybody figured out what parameters are relevant to performance points yet? I mean, beside HP and weight of course.

User Info: zencrobar67

6 years ago#2
Balance of HP weight and downforce
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User Info: mr2

6 years ago#3
yeah, tires, suspension, transmission ... don't seem to do anything.

it does take torque into account (see how a supercharger raises the PP higher than a similar HP'd mod).
that and engine layout, too

User Info: Eichro

6 years ago#4
Engine layout? You mean, Front-Engine, Rear-Engine, Mid-Engine and stuff?

User Info: td2985

6 years ago#5
Weight distribution is also taken into account.

I added 164 kilos to my car to get it down to 550 PP. I then moved the ballast all the way to the back of the car at the PP jumped to 551.
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User Info: IvoryKeys88

6 years ago#6
aerodynamics affect it but only slightly
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User Info: IvoryKeys88

6 years ago#7
By that I mean adding downforce
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User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#8
I think it's calculated using these factors, in order of most to least impact on PP rating:
1 - Power
2 - Weight
3 - Downforce
4 - Weight distribution, torque differences, drivetrain layout, etc.
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User Info: pjnelson

6 years ago#9
I have six Formula GTs, each of a different color. Each of them has 935 horsepower, with the exception of one that has 929, as I recall. All but the silver one have their default tuning setups. However, only three of them have 910 PP. Naturally, the one that's missing a few horses has slightly lower, like maybe 900 PP. My silver one dropped to 904 PP after I adjusted its tuning settings. As an experiment I took another with 935 HP and 910 PP and lowered its brake bias to something like 5/2 and it dropped PP, but when returning it to 5/5 it never regained PP.

So..., I'm a little confused. I see how the one missing 6 HP has slightly less PP, and I can even see lowering the brake settings dropping a little PP, but I don't see how raising brakes back up don't return the lost PP or why one I never touched doesn't have the same 910 PP as other FGTs with identical stats (the mileage differences between them are only slight).

User Info: DeathRiderDoom

6 years ago#10

Has anyone else noticed this annoying fluctuation on the PP of cars when selecting them for online races?

I have my garage sorted to arrange cars by PP - as this is how i prefer to race online. So, i will see a car relevant to my set limit, say a 633PP Iroc Z Camaro, then i will select that car, go into settings, and see that the diagram shows the PP number as 594. It's super frustrating - as it takes much longer to find a car suitable for a race. Can anyone tell me what's going on here?! This is highly annoying and i hope they patch it.

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