TVR Cerbera Speed 12

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User Info: Squall2013

6 years ago#1
Just wondering where/how to get this car. I've cycled through the Used Car Dealer at least 10 times now, and haven't seen it yet. Should I just be patient and keep trying or can you win it somewhere? Or, by any chance, is it one that needs to be imported from the PSP GT?

User Info: Mad_Cow46

6 years ago#2
Yup just be patient. It could take many times of refreshing. or you can get one from the trade board.

User Info: gnomefromnome

6 years ago#3
Yeah I'd say it's pretty rare, finally found on in the UCD last week
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User Info: BFRaven

6 years ago#4
I'll trade it. Offer? :P
Is on good traders list:(
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User Info: lawjr3

6 years ago#5
Squall. What's your PSN? I'll add you and send you the car. No obligations.

User Info: Jari89

6 years ago#6
I've seen it a couple of times in the UCD and it has been on the OCD iirc. Not the rarest car, at least in my game.
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User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#7

From: Squall2013 | #001
I've cycled through the Used Car Dealer at least 10 times now

Now do that about ten times that, then you might get lucky and see it.
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User Info: enygma 6

enygma 6
6 years ago#8
It pops up fairly regularly for me, I've picked up a couple to toy with now and again (fun to abuse the AI cars in the British Lightweight Top Gear Track race).
One car that I have yet to see, and I just passed day 700 recently, is the Lotus Motorsport Elise '99. I'll get that sucker eventually, after all, I have another 500 cars to go to fill my garage.
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User Info: ninjabay

6 years ago#9
i love that car but i find it impossible to drive it
it rained the day i was born but i was the lightning on that storm
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User Info: AJM

6 years ago#10
This car was my favorite in GT2, such a shame they dropped the racing version.
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