endurance races

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User Info: AFP88

7 years ago#1
just curious as to how many of you enjoy the endurance races and will any of you be teaming up with some friends and have driver changes? i have a friend with the racing wheel and a big tv and surround sound so we plan on doing endurance races at his place and i cant wait! 24 hours at the ring would be intense and maybe by the end of it i will have the track down.

User Info: Han_the_Dragon

7 years ago#2
I'm seriously not thinking in doing them (unless the AI is really good), since the only fun 24 hour race I had in GT4 was the Ring with a 200pts setup (won by 2-5 minutes can't remember for sure), both Sarthe races were a joke and a pain to complete (could easily win by over 20 laps of I didn't left the game unpaused 2 or 3 times for half an hour..), and that's something I would call really boring, so no I'm not looking forward to it (B-spec will take care of those), unless there's a way to organize a team race online for 24hours races, but would be hard to setup.

As for trying with friends well we hardly have that kind of time and all of us will be playing individually so we would end up doing them alone anyway...

Still I'm not sure if I will completely avoid doing them full A-spec alone again, but I would need a really strong reason to do that, since after the first 3 or 4 hours if the AI is bad, then it's no fun at all (still I loved the Roadster Endurance in GT4 for 200pts... 4 hours of nearly flawless driving with the 2nd place always 1 or 2 seconds away, never more then that...)
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User Info: EZ1304

7 years ago#3
I love endurance races and am really looking forward to doing them in GT5. I hope it is implemented in a way that allows us to have a driving team so that each person does their few hours and rotates. It may not be like that in game, but either way I will still enjoy them. 24h race at the ring would be a blast.

User Info: AFP88

7 years ago#4
yeah i know what you mean about the ai. but i'm usually doing it for the challenge of being up the entire time and trying to best my best lap time. plus it's another step to 100% completion lol

User Info: doomofdesire

7 years ago#5
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User Info: Syaieya

7 years ago#6
I'd love online co op endurance races

maybe 4 hour endurance races in the beginning of the game's release and then have a big event surrounding the 24 hours of nurburgring and 24 hours of lemans to recreate them in the game online.

User Info: kyleh614

7 years ago#7
Not really planning on doing the endurance races for GT5, like I did in GT3 and 4. I just don't have the time or patience anymore like I did back then. I will do B-Spec mode for the endurance races.

User Info: captnsalami

7 years ago#8
2 hr online endurance,,,
nvm no one would stay the entire race
omly the top two would consider it
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User Info: Frisco557

7 years ago#9
upto 2hours straight i'd been game for, anything more has to have something i really want as a prize(such as a Ford GT40)

User Info: lmhansen

7 years ago#10
I'm going to do the endurance races for sure, at least everything off-line. Any 24 hour race may be b-spec'ed, as I may not have the time to those... Online races, it'll depend on what's available. If it's like GT5P, where new races becomes available, I may compete in some 2-4 hour races, depending on track and car.
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