My B Spec driver question?

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User Info: unreal310_basic

6 years ago#1
Beside the helmet of you BSpec driver there is a blue, green, or orange arrow, what do they represent?
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User Info: alaskanpipeline

6 years ago#2
Blue arrow means to slow down your pace
Red arrow arrow means to speed up your pace
Green arrow means to keep your current pace
Circle arrow thingy means to overtake the cars ahead of you

Something like that
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User Info: Thompson

6 years ago#3
No, he means on the driver profile page, not in the actual race when you give him/her commands.
The above message is tl;dr.

User Info: unreal310_basic

6 years ago#4
No Alaskanpipeline, that much I have already figured out, I'm asking about the colored arrows that show up beside the helmet of your driver while inside of the B Spec driver status menu.

This game does a horrible job at explaining the parameters of B Spec mode.
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User Info: unreal310_basic

6 years ago#5
Any one?
PSN: Loy310

User Info: OverKel

6 years ago#6
Best I can determine is that they're having a cold or hot streak, though I haven't noticed a huge difference when using them in each state. My best guess is that this was included to make you spread driving duties around when you hire an additional driver. Hasn't really affected my choice though. Didn't like my first one, but I'm holding on to him for the multiple driver races. My second is twice the level of the first. I spam him into races all the time for some background cash farming.

User Info: Germanicus

6 years ago#7
I thought it was the overall mood of the driver. It pointed up if he wins and down if he keeps losing.
It would affect his motivation.
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User Info: Jeffw88

6 years ago#8
Driver condition. Points up = good. Points sideway = normal. Points down = bad.
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User Info: unreal310_basic

6 years ago#9
How do you get them back to green or blue? Thx
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User Info: sneakysnake

6 years ago#10
I would use other drivers that are green until the downed driver recovers. I think you get blue when they go on a winning streak.
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