Winning the Historic Racing Cup with little $

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User Info: Liquidus4

6 years ago#21
yeah, the cobra is sort of unruly, if your having trouble with it I think the idea of using the Countach sounds pretty good.

User Info: richievuong

6 years ago#22
i did deep forest with the countach.

reduce top speed to 260 ish and i grabbed 2nd place by the first corner. passed into first 75% of the way into first lap. managed to stay in the lead for the rest of the laps but the 330 in 2nd was dogging me the whole way.

i actually did cote d'azur with the special, again reduce top speed to 260 ish and take the lead first lap.

if you cant take the lead during ur first lap just restart

User Info: Na-Bliss

6 years ago#23
Gonna go beat this with my Buick. brb.
SC2: FlagrantWolf

User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#24
"Gonna go beat this with my Buick. brb."

lol. Have fun ragequitting.

User Info: Torpin

6 years ago#25
I'm sure its =possible= with either the Cobra or Buick with a wheel... but with a controller its pretty much either 100% or 0% gas, spinout-a-rama. Add in the elevation changes and its even worse. The countach is much more forgiving and still fast enough to win. Any RM'ed vehicle I could see winning... Camaro, ect. I just think you need the downforce much much more than the top speed on Deep Forest.

User Info: HenWee

6 years ago#26
Yes. With the cobra there are like 3 places on the track where u have to throttle like 80% to stay on the road. 2nd left turn, exit at the small tunnel then up the left hill and the hill before the double tunnel. Cobra is do-able, but aint ez.

User Info: blaze9794

6 years ago#27
So I spent hours leveling up to play that B-Spec race only to be disappointed when I only won a lousy DeLorean. I finally just decided to try it with a car I already had and just won the Historic Racing Cup with the Lamborghini Countach LP400 '74 that you win from that one race earlier. Completely upgrade the Countach (including soft race tires and a wing). Not that it matters, but my driving aides were, from top to bottom: Auto, Racing Soft, Racing Soft, On, 1, On, Off, On, 1.

The 1st race was definitely harder than the 2nd race. For the 1st race Ballard in the Toyota finished 3rd (.286 sec behind) but easily would have passed me by the end of the straight if the race went on another lap. The 2nd was so much easier. No need to worry about the Toyota there, he finished 8th and 7.022 seconds behind me. In both races the Toyota started 9th for me. For the 2nd race I found it difficult to get the lead when the 2J started on the front row. Also, in both races I highly recommend braking hard into the 1st corner to get the lead right away.

Hope this helps some of you.
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