B-spec Cote d'Azur help

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User Info: nugzz

6 years ago#1
I'm using the Toyota 7 1970. The best Bob can get is 2nd.
Any setup pointers? How did you win?
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User Info: Jackc8

6 years ago#2

My guy could never win that until he got up to about level 30. And then it took several tries. There are some tuning tips here:


User Info: grandval

6 years ago#3

I'm in the same boat. I've put aside 14.5 million and I'm running short races repeatedly to keep the used car dealership refreshing. Hoping to get the 2J and finish this mess of a race. I absolutely hate the track. Too darn many tight, slow turns and with the cars in the race, if you don't get out front right away and never mess up on the dang turns you're toast. No room to recover.

User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#4
I'm guessing the 2J keeps coming in 1st? It seems to really pull away from the pack on that course. Maybe keep restarting the race until the 2J isn't in the lineup any more, or at least until it's starting near the back of the pack.
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User Info: j_r_kleven

6 years ago#5
i won it first try
just make sure a 2j isnt at the front
and 'cool' him down at those tight turns after you go through the tunnel

one of the few bspecs i had to 'play' in the first 4 leagues

i just did all the upgrades i could to the car, and didnt tweak anything and it worked.. maybe i got lucky?

User Info: hazz963

6 years ago#6

You need luck. Persist till your Toyota 7 takes a lead then its all the way to victory. It took me umpteen attempts with this car. Your driver need not be lvl30 as at that time my driver was only around 21.

User Info: jkcheng122

6 years ago#7
How do I "cool down" the driver? Use the "pace down" command?

User Info: squiggy9996999

6 years ago#8

User Info: mrm1955

6 years ago#9
I tried multiple times with many different tunes and different drivers with the toyota 7 and 3rd was the best BOB could do.

Traded for a 2J and he won easily on the first try.


User Info: dmoneychris

6 years ago#10

There is a pretty tight turn that my b spec driver always used to hit untill i paced down through that turn and then paced up through the rest of the track...i used the Toyota and it was pretty close but my b spec was like level 24...didnt get in first untill second to last lap

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