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User Info: alwrmc

6 years ago#1
I just last night purchased a Logitech Driving Force GT. I had started the game using the standard PS3 controller which simply is NOT designed for driving games. How do I remove/delete my accomplishments/files and start over using the new wheel? Will I have to remove and reinstall the game? Installation took at least 30 minutes and another 15-20 to download and install the latest updates.

User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#2
Game save data (PS3) > GT5 save data > triangle button > delete

You do not need to delete the game data (the ~10GB file) with all the updates and everything int it.
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User Info: Ciraxis82

6 years ago#3
why not just redo all the races? why lose what you've done?
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User Info: alwrmc

6 years ago#4
Basically all I've done so far is a few laps in arcade mode, then I went to GT mode, bought a car, made a couple of upgrades to it. I then went to the License area and have completed all the tests except the one lap at Indy to get my license. Apparently if I so much as barely bump a car, I get disqualified! I mostly got bronze, silver on one and gold on two. I literally did and re-did each test over and over and over etc etc etc.

So all I really need is simply do all the license tests again? Sounds like an easy fix. Thanks I'll give it a try. I appreciate your help.

User Info: GunmaN1905

6 years ago#5
I don't get why do you want to delete your file. You can simply improve your licence times. When I got my wheel I already had all gold licences and specials except for vettel.
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User Info: hakkujin75

6 years ago#6
This makes absolutely no sense to me.
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User Info: oghaki

6 years ago#7
Well, if he wants to delete he knows how now.
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