Gran Turismo Rally Special Event

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User Info: elvindrel

6 years ago#1

Exactly which cars can you win in the Gran Turismo Rally Special Event?

It just says:

10 Easy = Random rally Car

15 Intermediate = Random WRC Car

20 Advanced = Random ****c rally car

Also; do you get a ticket or a car after you get gold in all events?

I'm wondering if it's worth reloading and redoing the event if I win a "crappy" car. Thank you in advance!

User Info: pez2k_

6 years ago#2
They're tickets.
"if you don't know break from break, you don't know jack about cars" - dH

User Info: Rhomphiopath

6 years ago#3
Rather than reloading and redoing the event, just back up save after the event, then reload if the ticket doesn't give you anything decent.

Beginner gives you a random production model that rally cars are based on.
Farmed this a bit to see what I could get. some results, but there will be others. the focus turned up a lot for me.
Focus RS '02
Lancer Evo X GSR P.P. '07
Mini Cooper S '05
Celica 2000GT-four (st165) '86
Lancer Evo V GSR '98
5 Turbo '80
Lancer Evo VI RS T.M '00

Intermediate gets you a modern WRC rally car

Advanced gets you an Historic one.

User Info: elvindrel

6 years ago#4

Thank you for your answers.

I'll just retreive the tickets, save and see what I get. If I'm not happy, I'll reload...

User Info: enygma 6

enygma 6
6 years ago#5
The intermediate prize ticket will give you a rally car from the '90's on up.
I do not have a Classic Rally Car ticket yet, but I'm assuming it gives rally cars from the '80's and before.
PSN: Enygma_6
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