What Are the Pros and Cons of This Game?

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User Info: nickz_fpk

6 years ago#21


Premium cars look stunning
Race tracks done well are stunning
Quite a long career mode with A-Spec & B Spec
Special Event challenges are frustrating but fun
Over 1000 cars to choose from
Soundtrack is nice & relaxing


Custmoization is poor
A.I is dumb
Standard cars are ugly
Damage is not on par with Forza & NFS Shift. Even GTA IV has better damage than this.
Not many race tracks
Some license test's & Special event challenges make you wanna break your PS3
Online seems dated
You spend all your credits on a car, only to find that car isn't useful for other races
XP system is long
Loooooooooooooooooooong load times especially if you haven't installed it on your HDD
Races can sometimes be super easy if you pick a car more powerful than the others. This is stupid because you get cheap victories.
Different weather doesn't feature on all tracks.
Exterior customization is very basic.

The list of cons could go on forever.
But still get the game as it's a great racing game with a pretty deep career mode. But expect to be annoyed by the lack of polish & stupid unlockables like unlocking damage (Why isn't damage available from the start.)

User Info: Eichro

6 years ago#22

* Lots of cars of varied types. We have compact cars that don't even go over 120 km/h (and they ARE fun to drive, even if not thrilling), rally cars, NASCAR, supercars, production cars you see on the street everyday, racing cars, concept cars, racing concept cars, racing cars from Le Mans and the X2010 which is pretty much it's own category. And that doesn't even cover all types found in the game.
* I don't drive, but from what people here say, the game is very realistic about the engine. Racing feels right on and cars behave similarly to their real-life counterparts.
* Special races and license tests are fun and good at teaching the player, even if frustrating as hell to get Gold on some.
* If you enjoy the game, you'll be probably coming back for more for a long time. I got my copy on Christmas and am still playing it everyday. There are a lot of challenges around, cars to buy and seasonal races are updated every week.
* Speaking of seasonal races, the amount of online support PD is giving to this game is amazing; many updates fixing flaws and adding interesting stuff, weekly races and cars at the online dealership.


* From the 1000+ cars you get, there's a batallion of near-identical Mazda Miatas, over 40 Skylines (although to be fair they are mostly different, since there are many different models with the Skyline brand over the years), while you see no Porsches (there's RUF though that is pretty much a Porsche tuner), some great ferraris and other well-liked cars like the Koenigsegg CCX.
* Graphics are fine, but...
*** Around 800 of the cars are actually PS2 models, which make them much less detailed than the other 200.
*** Some tracks aren't pretty.
*** Damage modeling fails to be realistic: crash at 350 km/h and you will only get a smashed bumper at most.
* If you wanna go far on the game, be it getting a big number of cars or reaching high levels, you have to grind, and that sucks.
* If you care about that as much as me, the arcade mode SUCKS. Gran Turismo 4 did a great job at letting you use stock versions of models you obtained at Career Mode, but GT5 has none of that. Seriously, that's like the 6th time I complain about it here, and it probably won't be my last since I'm still pissed off because of that =(

User Info: Triod

6 years ago#23
"But expect to be annoyed by the lack of polish & stupid unlockables like unlocking damage (Why isn't damage available from the start.)"

There is no unlockable damage in this game. And no, it doesn't scale with levels. What you get in the beginning is all you get.

User Info: Mr_Sharpshooter

6 years ago#24
I thought that I read physical damage received an upgrade.
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User Info: Eichro

6 years ago#25
It's likely to be just a rumor.

User Info: V12AML

6 years ago#26
In places graphically stunning
Online is just awesome
Top Gear Track
Great physics
Lovely car models (premium)
AI is quite good
A Spec Races are fun
Getting credits is easy and fast once your around level 25
24h Nurbergring, Le Man with weather and night and day physics
Hugely in depth tuning
Updates are often and great, this is way better than the game that came out in November
PD's support and continued development of this epic racer is to be commended.

In places graphically disappointing (some tracks have odd textures, standard cars are upscale GT4 cars)
Damage modeling itself isn't too bad, but its cosmetic for the most part. Stuff like random punctured etc are easy to implement, I don't understand why its not in.
Not enough premium cars, DLC will probably sort this.
Too many Japanese cars, not enough British or American.
Exterior camera sucks, permanently fixed behind car.
Loading times
To many "are you sure" type menus
Terrible music
Some cars sound great, some not so
Some tracks feel lifeless
You can't put wheels on standard cars
There aref loads of obvious cars missing

Overall its a great racing game and its getting better, and will continue to do so with every update. In one year from now GT5 will probably be a completely different beast.
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User Info: Joey_Inter_JoJo

6 years ago#27

From: Mr_Sharpshooter | Posted: 2/26/2011 12:11:54 PM | #024
I thought that I read physical damage received an upgrade.

theres physical damage in Arcade and Online mode, just not in A-Spec
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