Car setups for GT5?

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User Info: WzW_Legend

6 years ago#1
Just wondering if there's like a goto site where users post up different setups for cars... sort of like gtvault... but for gran turismo 5... I tried a quick google search but nothing really popped up as to what I was looking for..
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User Info: KaZooo

6 years ago#2
I think this is the only such thing around for GT5:

No disrespect intended, but it doesn't come off to me as something half as good/thorough as GT Vault. Still, it appears to have an ideal feedback system (link to gtplanet thread for the "tuner") and reasonable enough to navigate.
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User Info: halbedier22

6 years ago#3
check the forums as well

between and the gtplanet forums, you'll have more than enough info to help you out.


6 years ago#4
ugh. some of those tunes on those 'tuner sites' and even on Gt planet have not a clue what they're typing about. But some are good too.
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