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User Info: Maxal1

9 years ago#1
So I am starting this because I need Quick EXP Gain and Max/Infinite Rings.

User Info: DiogenesKC

9 years ago#2
There used to be more people worth listening to.
What the hell happened to them?

User Info: SuperAngelo128

9 years ago#3
Cheaters never prosper
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User Info: Mariois1

9 years ago#4
You can only use AR if you beaten the game! If not then NO!
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User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

9 years ago#5
I would only use an AR because I haven't gotten far into the game, and I don't know how plentiful rings turn out to be. But I doubt that the game would only have a limited amount of currency available.

And I just got the game. But I don't have an AR anyway. Have fun though.
If it is short and has a light saber, then you need to get the **** outta there!!!
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User Info: Maxal1

9 years ago#6
It is my game and I don't think this will hurt anyone else because it dosen't have an multi person battle function.

User Info: Maxal1

9 years ago#7
I'm sorry about before and it will help a lot if you post codes.
There are other people the needs codes as well.

User Info: Chibi Kami

Chibi Kami
9 years ago#8
Rings are plentiful enough, and you can always farm POW items and sell your excess.
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I'd rather just have a code for leveling up Chao, as I have no one near me who has the game and it's the only option to me.
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User Info: PenOfStone

9 years ago#10
The only good code I would actually use would be to hack in Robotnik. But, perhaps people don't know if his sprites are compatible with later enemies.
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