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User Info: njbaadte

8 years ago#1
Does anybody here know how to have a good recruiting class? I play with Xavier and the highest level i ever got a prospect that i actually wanted was med. & he didn't signed. I didn't even bring in a single recruit last year. That's sad!!
Nathan Baadte

User Info: IHappyGoLuckyI

8 years ago#2
The recruiting is admittedly wonky. If you really want a great class, I suggest you try a few things. 1) Use a better team. 2) Make sure the player you want has you high on the list ASAP. The best prospects can all be signed by the first signing period. More importantly, save before the first signing week and reload until the guy signs (cheap, but so is the game in that regard). 3) Save at the end of the offseason and reload until great players are generated with interest in your school (tedious, but gives the best results).

The fact is, the recruiting system is kind of broken. Certain guys will just never sign with you, even if you can offer them everything they want.
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