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User Info: Pyrofiend17

9 years ago#1
So I am sure some have been playing this title what do you think about it?

IMO I found that this is a grind game I am on the 4th map of ice been farming the Kings Body dungeon for gear/levels also for items to sell on the next 20 min "defend" map

Its bit boring because of this...lack of pots/places to buy items also the fact each new map takes all your gold. I currently have 42,000g and am lvl 11 where at 12 I have a whole new wave of yellow/green items for my warrior.

Its like a more eye candy version of Warcraft 3 for those looking to get it.

One thing I noticed is you really need to clear the start levels to get to lvl 4 before the 2nd map or the game goes down hill from there should be lvl 7-8 by the time you reach your first snow map. I would suggest stock piling gear from the dungeons you can redo over and over for gear to sell on then ext map you will need about 2000 gold or so to defend your base for 20 mins since you only get one healing unit if she dies its good to have the gold.

Another trick I found is get a good bow early on...easy way to destroy towers without getting hit. Because of the lack of potions I have a full + distance set and I can kill 1 enemy before he reaches me then run till they stop...its a good way to handle 4+ packs without using any potions and less down time waiting for your health to regen.

I see a patch soon on this game though they made it a bit to ruff as said I have 42,000 gold and I have nothing to spend it on and it doesn't carry over even to dungeons so its really crappy.

Either case whats your tricks and opinions on the game?

User Info: ZylochAoW

9 years ago#2
This game sucks imo compared to an equally similar rts/rpg known as spellforce. You only get 3 stats and you pretty much only level up in 2 skills, making character customization dull. The difficulty scaling is lame, I decided to screw sword and board and max range, my second try through. There isn't nearly enough potions to support a sword/board type character. The load time is un-needed in some places like switching from profile to multiplayer or single player mode.

User Info: LoatheMe

9 years ago#3
especially considering the graphics are like WoW quality

User Info: leboef

9 years ago#4

I got my hands on it, too. And i have to admit - i quite like it! Even though it has some serious issues, those issues can't stop me from playing it.

I'd describe Dimensity as a Lite Version of Spellforce 2. You get a similar gameplay and you can even play it with similar tactics.

But as i said, there are some good reasons why Dimensity is not as good as Spellforce:

The biggest problem is the absolute lack of health potions. the enemies rarely drop them, and despite the fact that you can sell items, there is no way to buy them. in spellforce 2, you can sell and buy stuff from dealers. in dimensity, you got a "sell" button in your inventory. and that's it. no dealers here.

that makes the gameplay sometimes really slow down. in the first levels, when you're on your own, the only tactic to survive is this: kill the enemy, and when your health points allow it, kill another one, and then when your life points are finally too low to attack, run away, hide and wait until your life points have fully regenerated. and then go to the next monster, kill it, and then run away again. the good thing about this is, you can drink coffee or read a magazine while your character regenerates, but i'm not sure if that's meant to be that way. in the end, a lot of time is wasted playing this way, but it's the only way to survive.

the other thing is the rather stupid AI. when you got like 10 monsters in a room and they're not standing close to each other, you can attack 1 without the other 9 even notice. they just stand there and do nothing. but don't get me wrong here, some of them are really tough. in the rare moment they finally manage to organise themselves and attack you in a group while you're alone, you're dead very quickly. and that's not even the unfair part. in one of those "defence your base" levels, your enemy just pops out out of nowhere right in the front of your base! now that's not really gentleman-like, is it?

another problem are the really, really, really very poor sound effects. i just can't describe you how poor they are, but they really are. you could also mock about the graphics, which are ok but not quite up to date. i can live with that though.

and the story... some would say that it's not very special, and the might be right. but i don't give a damn, to be honest^^ i just want to kill monsters. i don't even know the story of spellforce 2 - and that's one of my fave's!

yeah and i got another issue. you can't scroll through the map while your character is selected. and you can't just simply unselect it. no, you have to click a building or some other character on the battlefield, and only then you're finally allowed to scroll. this is only a small problem when you're fighting on your own, but its a huge one when you got to control a whole army! you just can't command your helpers as quick as you would need to.

And still... despite all that drawbacks - i like it. i just hope the people from dagger games will release a patch which fixes the main problems, then i'd rate this game with over 80%. For now, it's just a low 70%, if any.

User Info: shadarko

9 years ago#5
the game is not bad in my opinion ..the graphic is not bad and the most important that the game is not boring
but i stucked in mission find the ancient way to nairon i cant finish this mission i dont know why or how and that make me mad this game really have some big issues and bugs i give it 7 from 10

User Info: shadarko

9 years ago#6
the game is not bad in my opinion ..the graphic is not bad and the most important that the game is not boring
but i stucked in mission find the ancient way to nairon i cant finish this mission i dont know why or how and that make me mad this game really has some big issues and bugs i give it 7 from 10

User Info: sauronhall

8 years ago#7
you can scroll the map while character is selected, just press C so the camera will be free.

User Info: sauronhall

8 years ago#8
oh.. and I'm stucked in the same mission :|.

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