Looking for reliable way to get David/Agamemnon

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User Info: Ranilin

8 years ago#1
Having only two Leaders in the entire list of Great People is a bit unfair, imo, but I would like to exploit this of course. Creating Elite Armies with 3 different Elite upgrades is sickening. Loyalty, Leadership, and Engineer for defensive armies? Throw in a palace city on a hill with a wall.. maybe a general too?
Hill: 50
General: 50
Palace: 50
Veteran: 50
Loyalty: 50
Leadership: 100
Engineer: 100
Wall: 100
Fortified: 100

That's plus 650% to defensive stat, theoretically, and I would like to test if it actually works. I had David in one game, but didn't think to try this then. I doubt getting the palace on a hill usually not much need for it, and a great general can be hard to come by. Yet I do know having blitz, infiltrate, and medic all worked in the same Elite army, but only one of those actually affects combat statistics. Is there a limit to how many modifiers can be applied, or how much they can modify to?
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User Info: zenandi

8 years ago#2
If you want David, start with English and wait for your first great person without researching anything but Bronze (or is it Iron?) Working (for Agamennon). You will have a better chance than most to get a Great Leader.

Don't know about the Math, won't be surprised if they all stacked.

User Info: Marvel_Man

8 years ago#3
Game of the week on Deity

The Ai always has Great Leaders (all of them). Every week I make it a point to get spies out to their capitols and steal them before they build their own spy defenses.
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  3. Looking for reliable way to get David/Agamemnon

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