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User Info: Shanti418

7 years ago#1
I'm trying to be all completionist and beat the game with every leader every way for the Emperor level of difficulty. But although they all have silver dom/sci/cult/eco symbols on their busts in the Hall of Glory, some of the leaders are gold, while others are silver. Why is that? I've only beaten Deity 4 times, enough for the achievements, and the leaders I beat it with don't match up to the gold busts.

User Info: battleblast

7 years ago#2
Obviously the Victories correspond with the difficulty, and how you beat it. However the Busts reflect the highest difficulty you've encountered them. At least that's been my experience.
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User Info: anarak82

7 years ago#3
bronze= king
silver= emperor
gold= deity.

it should correspond with the leaders you have defeated. the victory emblems on the leaders bust's correspond with the victories that you have acheived with that civ.

I recommend playing deity. you should be able to start winning your games pretty much every time after you take your lumps for a little bit.

I could post you a generic strategy that will beat deity every time if you want. it's all about expanding, and then teching up. more cities= more power. Deity is a joke after you learn a few patterns to beat it. It's not a joke when you are first stepping up to it though, as I lost a few games before beating it, and then never lost to it again after a few more losses. I got all 64 wins on deity, then jumped to online play, and realized that a lot of the players on there are worse than the retarded AI.

Emperor isn't that much easier than Deity.

Good luck with you quest. It was fun for me, and I wish I could go back to those days.
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