unlocked all Achievements and have all Civ leaders in Gold...willing to help

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User Info: GR3Y5H3ART

3 years ago#1
i've been hooked on this Game and thus, have spent many hours on perfecting Strategy for every single Civilization on DEITY level

if you want tips or advice, willing to help on here or msg me: GR3Y5H3ART
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User Info: spedward62

3 years ago#2
I am having trouble with winning by 1000AD .
Tips would be great, also I have two leaders still grey looking to get them gold I have to beat them on diety or use them to win?
GT- G3th Hunter
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User Info: bluegender4ever

3 years ago#3
for win by 1000AD:
General tips:
-Pick a civ with high mobility in their units or that have fast access to fundamentalism. Good civs for early domination are: Japanese, Zulu, Mongols (difficult, mind you!), English, and Arabs. More details later.

-save before moving your settler: walk around and find out where enemy capitals are, also make a note of where barb huts/friendly villages are. Make mental notes or even save an explored map to make reference later. Reload the untouched save when you're done.

-After scouting the nearest capital, move your settler towards it. you want to settle two tiles away (one free space between the enemy city and yours) UNLESS you are Zulu or cannot get within close range by ~3600BC. Zulu warriors can move two tiles, so you can settle further away and still attack the city the turn after producing a warrior. If you can't settle close enough by 3600BC to any capital, forget walking in on one of them, either reload the map or shift to a later domination strategy and stay away from everybody. Note it *really* pays off to just eliminate one by walking in on him, it makes the game much easier by taking away one enemy, giving you a free city, and is pretty essential to a Mongol fast domination.

-Assuming you can get in range early enough, look for a spot with two trees in range of the capital. Plunk your city down right there (don't worry about other resources on this first city, two trees is very important though). Once the city is up, move both workers to trees and produce a warrior. With two trees, you get four hammers a turn, netting you a warrior in three turns, which is faster than the computer builds them. Get close enough fast enough, and you can even take his city before he even *has* a warrior to defend it (3600BC or earlier, generally) if not, he'll only have one warrior you have to fight and he won't get another until 3000BC so you can just out-produce him and muscle him out. Note this is just in general, some civs build warriors earlier (Chinese @ 3600BC) and sometimes later. Make sure you hurry up, the first thing most civs research is bronze working (archers) and even one fortified archer can snuff your assault, even by warrior armies.

-With your excess warriors (build at least three, more is good but don't go crazy <9 o so) explore around, picking up free gold from name tiles, villages, and attacking barb huts. You want to make 100 gold as fast as you can for the free settler. If you get a spy or galleon, I suggest selling it (click r stick) if you need the cash, they aren't as useful when you know the map layout already. Keep any horsemen you get and use them to continue collecting gold, and save them for the next phase.

-When you get your free settler, make sure you put your city in a spot with at least two trees and two ocean tiles. You will need science and production to proceed, especially if you got unlucky and gimped your capital in order to walk in on the first enemy.

-Generally speaking, the next phase of your domination victory will involve hitting hard and fast with horsemen/Zulu warriors, or expanding a bit while teching to fuedalism (for knights) and religion (for fundamentalism).

-The horsemen rush earlier can work if you are fast at gathering gold (such as with Zulu) and get your 3 or more cities quickly. It will fall flat against Archer armies or Greek pikemen, so if you know where the Greeks are take them out ASAP before all other, and produce/rush horsemen to make armies and assault other civs before they make and fortify archer armies.

-Knights involve using the high mobility and attack of the unit and stacking fundamentalism bonus, sometimes also samurai castle bonus too. They are stronger but come later, and involve more teching and a bit of expansion to support.

Specific points next
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User Info: VexNoFace

3 years ago#4
^^^^ all that... OR:

Play the Scenario "It's Money that Matters" and unlock horsemen, then "rush" build horsemen each turn to build massive armies. Each capital you take will net you another $900+ to continue rush building multiple armies each turn as you capture/build extra civ's. If close to running out of money but not yet ready to take down the last civ or two, send in a couple spies to clear and steal their money.

This is the cheap, surefire way to ensure you get it. Above post was basically spot on to get it normally.
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User Info: bluegender4ever

3 years ago#5
-2 move warriors
-overrun @ 3x strength, instead of 7x like all other civs
The zulu get a HUGE headstart early. two movement warriors means you explore twice as much area in the same amount of time, and by getting a simple advantage (hill, veteran) you can overrun barb huts in a single turn. With the Zulus warriors doing legwork for you, you can amass that 100g for the bonus settler faster than almost any civ (aztecs can get lucky). Their extra movement means you can threaten a city that much earlier and if you creat warrior armies, they will overrun other single warriors without a fight! The Zulu favor the early horsemen strategy: getting 6 attack armies will overrun warriors, warrior armies, legions or single archer units. Only archer armies or fortified single archers will stop them.

An alternative that works only with the zulu: produce warriors nonstop! With 3 cities you can pump an army every turn that can move like a horse unit. You can quickly pump out armies and send them in multiple directions to each city or keep the warriors single, to produce a stream of units to wear down defenders. It is surprisingly effective, especially if you earn veteran on your armies to make them attack at 4.5 instead of 3. Just don't try this on deity, the computer earns enough extra resources each turn to overcome it!

-3 move horse units
-Barb huts turn into 1 pop cities instead of giving goodies
Definitely a more difficult option, but totally doable (it's the civ I used to get the 1000AD cheevo on my first try!). You will have to play smart, and aggressive. Walk in on your nearest neighbor, you'll NEED the free city for an early win. Build your warriors and earn that free gold. A lot of how easy or hard this will be will be luck based on enemy locations and barb hut positions. If the barb huts are in bad spots, they could have no production for units, no food for growing to 2 or more, or no ocean for science or gold...in general, if you take a hut near ocean, set it to gold for early on, to help get to the 100g milestone. After that, if the hut has a food tile, use it to grow the city to at least 2 while you research horseback riding . After that, if not, swap it to science until you get HBR then keep it on gold. If they have no ocean tiles, keep them on hammers and bank them on something that takes a while (like a wonder) until HBR is done. You can always get *some* use out of those terrible cities, but the best ones will be growable and have at least 1 production tile. If you get lucky they can have 2 production tiles, 1 production and one ocean (just as good), or two ocean tiles as well as food, and then you can actually turn it into a decent city.

Anyway, your goal is HBR ASAP. When finished, set your high production cities (2 or more tiles) to hammers and your crappy cities to gold; pump as many horsemen as fast as you can. Set at least one good city to science and continue to get easy techs. When you get 5 techs total, your horsemen move 3 tiles in a turn, allowing them to get in the fight faster. Mass up, and stay near enemy capitals even if you can't take them. The computer often sends out units like warriors, single archers, caravans and settlers from time to time. Prey on them like wolves in the hills. Steal settlers for your own new cities, take caravans and send them right back for free gold; attack easy units to earn veteran on your armies. Keep doing this and maintain map control while you build up and tech back home. If you can't muster a winning early horsemen push, research your way to knights before making the push in. It's difficult and requires a good game sense to pull off, but the +3 horse movement really makes knights dangerous if you can produce them rapidly.
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User Info: bluegender4ever

3 years ago#6
- +1 knight attack
-start with ceremonial burial
-Very strong science game

The Japanese really, really, favor the somewhat later knight push. They have a headstart on the tech to religion, they have excellent science earning potential (leaving your city on ocean tiles makes it grow, netting you more science!), and their knight armies will do 3 more damage than everybody else, which you can then tack on to with fundamentalism and the samurai castle wonder. It's pretty crazy.

Start out planning for the longer haul. Take your nearby civ if you can, set up your cities for science research. Get archers (bronze working) to defend if needed but you should be making a beeline for fuedalism. Use your compounding science advantage to get it early and then make those knights work for you. Make sure you get religion too so you can compound your advantage with fundamentalism, then steamroll enemy faces. If you can also manage to build the samurai castle (save a great builder, perhaps?) you're almost unstoppable with +9 extra damage to your knight armies.

-Start with fundamentalism (=1 attack, +3 to armies)
-Get mathematics free after some teching
- +1 horse unit attack later on

Like the best of both worlds. Arabs start with fundamentalism so all their units and especially their armies automatically get a boost. This can be lethal coupled with rushed horsemen or with their free mathematics tech that gives you catapaults; all you have to do is research anything you want until you age up, and then you can start producing catapault armies that are boosted. Indeed, this is the strong timing push of the arabs, with catapaults; they crack archer armies when most civs have to wait till higher tech later.
Even if you have to wait til later, their get a boost to their knights too on TOP of that, putting them on par with the Japanese but with a deadly early game too. It is easy to see why the Arabs are a favored civ for domination victories. If the Mongols are the hardest, these guys are definitely the easiest.

-Starts with monarchy
-extra naval support

This one may not seem as apparent until you try it. The English start with monarchy researched already, meaning two things: You can build the samurai castle anytime from the start of the game, and it's only HBR that you have to research to open up feudalism! This gives the English a pretty straight-forward tech tree for early domination victories, which can be surprisingly potent when it involves knight armies out faster than any other civ. Then, its just one more tech for fundamentalism and you are ready to stomp faces. A good tactic later on, if you are winning the tech race, is to load up your knight armies in boats and then drop them off a move or two away from where you want to attack. If you can manage to research a lot of techs by the time you make your push, your boats can offer increased support on top of other boosts making english knight armies that much more potent for that much longer.
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User Info: spedward62

3 years ago#7

How many horse armies do you build before you attack?
Tried with up to 7 and always one victory short of taking the first civ.
if I wait and build more I cant get through the archer army.
GT- G3th Hunter
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User Info: spedward62

3 years ago#8
Thanks for all the help I finally got it :)
Oh for the other rookies, remember to save before each battle.
Even though you have the advantage you can an offen do loose.

Now on to getting all the leaders Gold.
GT- G3th Hunter
JESUS is my personal LORD and SAVIOR

User Info: mrklarryd

3 years ago#9
Mongols are pretty unreliable for the 1000 AD victory, imo. You pretty much need a great builder and a great general (which costs turns in itself) to pull it off. Takes a while to get the first horse army out of the gate, which costs a lot of early turns.

I've done it, but I got really lucky with perks (march, infiltration and blitz by the time the second civ was down) and the great person.

Japanese and Arabs your strategy will work like a charm. Probably Germans too.

User Info: BombermanX

3 years ago#10
I used the Aztec and a lot of saving and reloading. I followed the guide listed below. I was able to win by 400 BC. Saving and loading is your best friend here. You want to know where your enemies are ahead of time so save, explore, remember, reload, and conquer. It also depends on the layout of the map and where your opponents are. I just pumped out zulo warriors and then when I could, horses. Bluegender4ever has a lot of great ideas too. Utilize them, but don't forget to save and explore first. Make sure your opponents are on the same island. I had to restart the first time because I was on an island and it would have taken to much time to explore and conquer. Utilize multple saves too. I used all my slots if I knew I could do something better and quicker. The only achievements I have left now are the 200 production, all famous people, and 11 win as a *** civilization achievements.

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