Sid talks about the Wii version

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User Info: SirOWNZalot86

9 years ago#11
i have a PS3 and a WII but i might get this one for the WII, one bc i need more WII games, 2 bc using the WIImote for this game might be faster and better than using a contoller... i just hope they keep the online mode!!!

User Info: stabito

9 years ago#12
"There is so much potential for this game style and the Wiimote interface."

iv only played civilization a few times but can someone explain to me this supposed potential of wiimote interface
Lifes greatest mystery can YOU!!! explain it

User Info: scar-hawk

9 years ago#13
woot! another wii game to get ^.^ although I probably won't get it if it doesnt have online. So far Harvest Moon:Tree of Tranquility, Call of Duty: World at War, The Conduit, and this game if it has online are on my Wii game list. My PC game list only has Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. :)

User Info: chiefwahoo2049

9 years ago#14
I really hope the Wii version comes to fruition.... Civilization is definitely one of my favorite PC franchises, and I'm really anticipating the cross-over to consoles, but Wii is the only next-gen system I have...
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