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User Info: lichking360

9 years ago#1
Is there anywhere where I can download new maps that are conpatible with FA?

User Info: Marfoo

9 years ago#2
Yeah log into GPGnet and go to "The Vault". All the user created content is in there.

User Info: Omega_Chimera

9 years ago#3
All SC maps should be compatible with FA, just sign into under FA and redownload your maps
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User Info: storepatter

9 years ago#4
And if you can't (or wont') login then you are screwed? Lame design.

User Info: pkcRAISTLIN

9 years ago#5
no, you can download map packs anywhere that somebody puts them, but most users upload them to the vault so theyre all in one place. lame understanding.

User Info: The_Eupho_Guy

9 years ago#6
You might also want to check out
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User Info: fishguyzeroone

9 years ago#7

Is there a Map builder program available? I thought one was included with the game but for the life of me I cant find it...

Am I horribly wrong?

User Info: Wupedenstein

9 years ago#8
And if you can't (or wont') login then you are screwed? Lame design.
So you pirated the game and don't like you can't access the vault?

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