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User Info: Lyca_

5 years ago#1
Hey guys.

I know this board seems pretty dead, but maybe someone still looks around.

Question is, I didnt play this game for long (about 2 weeks occasionally), and can reach experimental at minute 40 when undisturbed (CPU´s dont rly count, those just rush headfirst and all you need to to is build up some tier 2 defense), for you to get an idea of my mediocre skill level. How can I improve, what are simple stragedies I could use to reach experimental/tier3/tier2 status earlier.
For now I just build up a base, spam some technicians and build up a grid of tier1 energy source+energy keep alongside the usual mass collectors. after that I try to upgrade my landbase to tier2 asap, but that´ll leave me open to rushing. I´m just really undecided what to do.

My Opponents will be work colleagues, who employ different stragedies such as turtling, rushing low tier units, and such. They facepalmed when I said I reached Exp-status at min 40, but I´m not sure if I can keep up in a multi-people match (approx 5-6 people).
Keep in mind, its called Mario Kart Wii.

User Info: maxlevel3k

5 years ago#2
The absolute best way to get better at this game is to watch replays of high level human vs. human matches.

Fighting CPU players is useful for learning the controls and hotkeys. A good warmup before fighting a human would be 3 Hard AIs allied against you on the map of your choice. Keep in mind, that is a warmup.

As for specific tips:
1. Never stockpile resources. If you have a glut of Mass and Energy, it's because you aren't building enough units/teching up fast enough.

2. Harass the enemy. Send scouts around to destroy his outlying mass extractors.

3. Scout a lot.

4. Try not to rely too much on defense towers, unless they give you a huge advantage, especially on large maps. Generally it is better to crank out an equivalent number of units than to dump resources into a structure than can't move.

5. Don't tech up too fast. If you are at minute 8 and trying to tech up you are going to get overrun with T1 units.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Again, watch some replays.

User Info: Lyca_

5 years ago#3
Okay, thanks for the input.

Does it make sense to send T1 Airscouts around on patrol? so they just scan the area around it, my skills in multitasking suffer greatly ^^
Keep in mind, its called Mario Kart Wii.

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