I love this game.

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User Info: thenidhogg

8 years ago#1

Seriously. This is some of the most fun I've had in shooters for a long time. Demons, undead, Germans, and WW1? Oh yeaaah!

User Info: thinkery

8 years ago#2
Stupid AI
dated graphics
out of place stupid sounding one liners (you wanna dance, guess not)
AI shouthing stupid stuff
Melee kick that looks off and trows enemies arround as rag dolls
Stiff controlls

ok whatever you like man.
Only thing I liked was AI fighting AI, german soldiers getting pummeled by Zombies.
1. Fanboy's are the weirdest kind of people on the planet.
2. If you are a pirate, your parents FAILED, but thats not an excuse for your behavior.

User Info: bigbangsun

8 years ago#3

People need to learn how to tweak settings. Set the game to standard. Switch some of the settings to High and you'll be running this game at lightning speed with some very impressive graphics.

In the first few minutes you get various melee weapons, ghost entities, zombies galore (decapitating zombies with a shovel), a huge beast, and some nice explosion physics to boot. It's better than Serious Sam and Jericho. On par with Painkiller. 'Nuff said. I was sold at the shovel decapitations.

User Info: Baranga

8 years ago#4

I hate it how I get stuck in every object. The bodies are the most annoying.

The game is definately broken.

User Info: thinkery

8 years ago#5

sold by that?
Man you are easy to please.
Also I got a decend gaming rig and I run it at max, and imo it looks like crap.
1. Fanboy's are the weirdest kind of people on the planet.
2. If you are a pirate, your parents FAILED, but thats not an excuse for your behavior.

User Info: Whatsaname911

8 years ago#6
I like it.
It's a nice variation from the more serious shooters.
Graphics come third to me really. If i like the gameplay and story, graphics don't matter.
In this case: Gameplay is very pleasing, story is intresting enough, graphics aren't THAT bad.
Might buy.

User Info: MaximumFish

8 years ago#7

I was very impressed with it too. I loved Painkiller, and still think it is one of the most fun shooters i've played, and though this seems to slow the pace a bit and complicate the formula (you may argue unecessarily) with the combo moves and mutlipliers and whatever, i think it adds a unique twist and some depth to the combat that most point-shoot-reload-watch-first-person-cutscene shooters these days lack. It's stupid as hell, and the one-liners get annoying fast, but it's a ton of fun and that's what matters.

Painkiller was not a game with an enormously broad audience or mass-market appeal, and while some people loved it, other people hated it, and i expect this one will be much the same. As a side note, you can get the game for $25 off of CDWoW US (its the UK version which ships 27 Feb, instead of the expected us release of 15 May).

User Info: Travis281

8 years ago#8
Don't kid yourself, the graphics are very mediocre. I ran the settings on high and was unimpressed by the graphics and the gameplay.

User Info: Baranga

8 years ago#9

The levels are huge and many animations are great, I'll give it that.

Facing Painkiller-ish odds with WW1 weapons is a horrible idea, IMO.

I'm struggling to get to the more fantasy sections, I guess it'll pick up then.

The melee system is broken because of the finishing moves. God forbid that you trigger a Herr Doktor in the middle of a mob... Also, while playing challenges, I was pissed by two things: the monsters don't respawn fast enough (example: you have to kill 75 zombies; I kill 74, there are two seconds 'till finish, and no respawn. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU...), and again, the melee makes me lose precious seconds.

Oh and whoever added that blurring when you score a headshot was an idiot. It's impossible to headshot fast enough because of this blur, while aiming down the sights of the rifle.

I think I need a noclip cheat; Painkiller had the same problem of getting stuck in things, but this one takes it to a new level.


Individually, all the elements of this game sound kickass. The sum of its parts... is a POS.

I have a feeling it tries so hard to be "hardcore" and competitive and to feel like a true native PC title, but in the end it's simply overencumbered. It's a game where they added whatever they thought of. Think Hellgate... same thing happened there. It's like there were no coherent design papers or something...

User Info: shahabzelda

8 years ago#10
i played the demo version of the game . the best element of game is its Graphics ...Dynamic Lighiting , Depth of field , Motion Blur , ... are used in the game to go up the game graphically . Just look at the thunder effect in the game to understand this ...
I agree : AI has some problems but dont forget that it is Demo version , NO full version and i hope this problems will solve in finally version . fighting system is very good and action is very fast . like L4D ... but this time exist German soldier , Demons , Vampires and huge bosses .... also the weapon Inventory is just great . there are more than ten weapons in the game that each one of them are difrent of others . Game' sroryline is mixed real and fantasy that its a good idea .
in totaly this Game is good and i hope Necrivision can resuscitate my memories of Pinkiller .

sorry for my bad Eglish
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