Agarest: Generations of War - PAL details.

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User Info: evanac

8 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

As an employee of Ghostlight I thought I could help anyone with details on Agarest's PAL release later this year.

The game is being localised into English only and will contain the original Japanese audio. Unfortunately we simply can't fit audio in other languages on to the disc as it already weighs in at over 15GB (!), most of which is the Japanese audio.

It's been a colossal localisation job. The Japanese game features well over a million characters of text!

Hopefully people will be happy with the results. This has been by far the most challenging Japanese>English job we've ever done and I thought "Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call" on PS2 was tough!

Thanks guys, :)


User Info: musashi_mifune

8 years ago#2
Thanks be to ye :) ! You've all done a great job with localising Lucifer's Call and DDS here. I am truly grateful.

Looking forward to Agarest :) !

User Info: dude3991

8 years ago#3
sounds good! I was going to import this but then I found out that there would be a localization and was over the moon, Thanks! =D

Just one question though; Has anything been removed/added from the original?

Once again thanks and keep uo the good work! =D
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User Info: Zagatosan

8 years ago#4
Are you guys updating Agarest with Trophy support?

User Info: Yazuka

8 years ago#5
A bit of a shame that it won't include english audio. But i'm just glad the game is coming out.
Thanks for the info. Will be picking up a copy.

User Info: Master_Happosai

8 years ago#6
I'll see what i can do to import it to support you guys. I doubt it's ever coming to North America.
Just a question though, will anything be edited?

User Info: ILoveNastya

8 years ago#7
Day 1 for me. Will have it preordered from

The trophy question is what interest me the most... (won't affect my purchase though)
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User Info: evanac

8 years ago#8
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in replying - busy day today!

To answer the two questions that seem to be coming up most:

1.) Unfortunately, Trophy Support is not included. As some have already guessed, this is because the original was released well prior to mandatory Trophy Support.

2.) The game has had no content removed or toned down. Agarest has been cleared as 12+ by PEGI (the European age rating body).

When you read the translations alongside the appropriate imagery you realise that the content is no worse than that of a 'Carry On' film. There are lots of innuendos, but nothing more. Winfield is still keen to get an eyeful at every opportunity (of course!) and, yes, all the original artwork from the Japanese release has survived intact!

Hope that helps guys. I may not be able to post over the next few days as my first child is due to be born any day now.


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User Info: Belphegor86

8 years ago#9
Thanks for the info evanac (and congrats on the pending parenthood) - its good to be actually get some concrete details about the game - here's hoping we'll see some advertising material/screenshots/box art/official website sometime soon.

Not too fussed about the lack of trophy support personally - I'm just happy this game is actually getting localized - and in its entirety too - what more could we ask for?

Seriously looking forward to this, not played a SRPG for ages. Have had my copy on preorder for over a month now - August is going to be sweet - only problem is what to play first... this or mana khemia 2?

User Info: akeboshi

8 years ago#10
I was very surprised to this getting a PAL release, I'll be getting this straight away. To be honest I'm glad to went with just Japanese audio rather then just English audio.
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