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User Info: Gai_Daigouji

7 years ago#1
Just got this game, heard there's a True Ending that has specific requirements to get, does anybody know them? Really don't want to play for ages and then find out that I missed some minor thing to get the true ending. Found this|en&u=
but the wording is pretty hard to understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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User Info: Apoca88

7 years ago#2
Comon, buy a game and play it from a walkthrough from start to end?

I dont find any words really, I think a simple you s*ck is enough :3
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User Info: Gai_Daigouji

7 years ago#3
I don't want to use a walkthrough, I just want to know the requirements for the true ending. As in anything I need to keep an eye out for when I'm playing. From what I've heard this is quite a long game and I don't have the time to play it more than once just for a different ending.

Anyway, surely however I decide to play my games is up to me? If you hate walkthroughs so much then why on earth are you on GameFAQs?
"Of course the victim was flying through the air! You can see it right there in the sketch! ...Whooooosh!"
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User Info: Elyon

7 years ago#4
If getting the true ending in this game is anything similar to Cross Edge, then a walkthrough is practically required.

My copy hasn't arrived yet, so I can't help you. Sorry OP.
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User Info: erellisae

7 years ago#5
As I understand it, the requirements roughly boil down to 'get everyone and stay neutral'.

User Info: Pier_from_Italy

7 years ago#6
uhm.... the intro of the game seems to me hinting to a "neutral path" basic requisite, but in the end, we have only started to tackle this JRPG ;)

Sooner or later someone discover how to reach & follow the true ending path, but in the meantime, the best thing is playing and enjoying the game & storyline, and worry later about perfect 100% completion :)

Best regards from Italy,
Dott. Piergiorgio.

User Info: Slayer1

7 years ago#7
I can only hope that one of the authors of the Cross Edge FAQs will tackle this game as well. They were very helpful.
But, Cross Edge was a pain to get the true end.
This one will probably be the same.
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User Info: Reinbach

7 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Reinbach

7 years ago#9
I just realized that I saved on my pc an old gamefaqs topic about the true end for future refernce.
This is what people said about the true end (copy/pasta of the most relevant messages):

Post #1

For true end path:
Get your link gauge (light-dark meter) to neutral at the end of the 4th generation when answering the heroines questions. It done correctly Dishana will join during the 5th generation. During the 5th generation choose to go west then northwest and finally north.
When fighting bashutaru in the 5th generation don't do anything for 7 turns to gain as a party member. With these two plus myurumina in your party you should enter the true route after the samariru battle. Also it seems like you should try to keep your gauge at neutral when possible.
I think that's it as far as requirements for that route, though as I said I haven't confirmed it myself yet.

Post #2

Path order for true ending should actually be:
South-west (Karnikara)
North-east (Vatona)
North-west (Voltzano)
Your link-gauge will also be forced towards light about 3 or 4 times. There's 1 event (in the bar with Eris, Vila Roa, and Sharona) after Voltzano where you can adjust your link gauge one last time. If you're not neutral at this stage, you need to go back to an old save and work it out again. There are 2 diagonal lines on the link gauge. These indicate the border between Neutral/Light and Neutral/Dark. As long as you don't go over those lines you're still considered neutral. I barely squeaked by in neutral in gen5.
The gods are lvl 300 (maybe higher? haven't seen them all yet) so you'll need to do considerable level grinding after you defeat Samaril.

Post #3

It seems that the only necessary part when choosing which way to go is to go west/ south-west in the beginning. The order of the second two doesn't change whether or not you can get the true end, that is as long as your gauge is neutral. Apparently the events that appear on the (south)western route need to be seen first but beyond that it doesn't matter as long as you fulfill the other criteria. Also you need to keep the total turn count under 500 until you have entered the true route path.

User Info: moreyko

7 years ago#10
So do we know if this True End is merely a super hard boss run after you've beaten the final boss, NIS style, or do you actually see a completely different ending and it just doesn't continue otherwise?

I have a feeling I might leave it for subsequent playthroughs right now, which I have a feeling I may actually do for some reason...

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