Will we ever get a sequel?

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User Info: azzezino

7 years ago#1

I know the game isn't perfect but the concept was and still is a very cool one. It deserves a second chance as long as every single aspect of the first one gets improved.

User Info: raddhazard

7 years ago#2

So long as Spark has nothing to do with the sequel, then why not.

User Info: shadowkiller11

7 years ago#3
Well this one was ok despite its millions of flaws, its surprising a game like this with so many flaws was actually decent enough to playthrough. I wouldn't mind one if they fix the flaws.

User Info: JamesRoot04

7 years ago#4
you wont get a sequel because this game sucks more than a $5 hooker with a dyson up her ass!
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  3. Will we ever get a sequel?

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