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User Info: albhedkenm11

9 years ago#1

The game freezes when I try to enter Crucible (in the Shivering Isles) for the first time. Is there any fix for this? :?

Should I just keep trying and reset my Xbox every time it freezes? Or should I just enter through Bliss instead? Any help is appreciated.

User Info: albhedkenm11

9 years ago#2
I guess I'll try downloading the patch for it. ^^;

User Info: tony382

9 years ago#3
Its always a good idea to get the patch. I haven't encountered any freezes yet.

User Info: danindarrel

9 years ago#4
What is a patch and how do you download it? The game keeps freezing in certain spots and I don't know how to fix it. Please Help.

User Info: kevindrosario

9 years ago#5
You have to have access to Xbox live and the game should automatically download any patches you don't have when you start up Oblivion.
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User Info: danindarrel

9 years ago#6
I tried connecting to XBOX LIVE and the game is still freezing. Please help me fix this.

User Info: cweaver317

9 years ago#7
ok this is the only thing i can think of and it is going to suck

first copy your saved games to a memory card or other storage device

delete everything off your hard drive that contains to oblivion

clear the cahce

and then reinstall everything

start the game and you get told you need
this upgrade

and it will do it

go start a new game and head to the portal

if it freezes - you are in trouble if not

copy back over you old info and try to enter the portal

if it frezzes the it is your old data

if not - then problem solved and you owe me a glass dagger.

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