Suicide Troll

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User Info: lobowolf60

8 years ago#1
ok so my buddy and I where just exploreing around the nibanoy basin and he told me he saw something floating under the bridge by crestbridge camp so i was like ok i'll see whats up little being known it was a troll who was floating dead in the water and thought well something must have killed him or what not so i go search his body and find a note sayin "me bad Troll all other trolls make fun of me not scary enough me get drunk and kill self" LMAO we where laughn about tht for the whole day

i was wandering if any1 else found that and is it of some importance or just their for fun lol

User Info: Mattvento

8 years ago#2
It's an easter egg, check out that page on UESP,

It's down near the bottom.

User Info: _bendak_

8 years ago#3
didnt find that but thats funny

User Info: lobowolf60

8 years ago#4
sweet man ya i cracked up

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