Is Bethesda going to make another Elder Scrolls?

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  3. Is Bethesda going to make another Elder Scrolls?

User Info: tuch

7 years ago#11
I personally would be happy waiting a couple years for a huge TES game with all of tamriel.

You don't have to wait for that at all.
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User Info: RedliwLedah

7 years ago#12
A guy who was right on about 95% of what he said about last year's E3 said Elder Scrolls will be at this one.
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User Info: Gunther482

7 years ago#13
I'm hoping they'll at least acknowledge that they're making another one. I don't care if it's 2 or 3 years off I just want to make sure they're at least working on one.

And to be honest I have a feeling the are. Ever since Fallout was released I am sure they at least had a small team at least getting the early stages of the game started.

User Info: tainted_lynx

7 years ago#14

GrayDeath88 posted...
It's called sarcasm. The Elder Scrolls is a cash cow for Bethesda. Of course they will make another.

I think Fallout might have that title for now. Since the third one, the series has been the best it's ever been. That's been their cash cow so far. It's been very successful doing that.

There you go: "Don't look for a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future." They will still make an Elder Scrolls game, just not anytime soon. They are publishing New Vegas and will do the GOTY edition next year so you can expect news after that or in 2012.

This is good. That means they can take their time, fixing the bugs and learning not to get a great voice actor whose character dies early in the game then put us out into a world with a bunch of dumb drones. I hope the next one takes place in Elsweyr, lots of diverse environments. But it would probably be in Skyrim. Which could be good. Werewolves.

User Info: Orator1

7 years ago#15
My money is ESV starting on Summer Set Isle, The heart of Tru Magic in Elder Scrolls, although I would like to see one huge game with all of Tamierl also. And dont give me Arena....I mean with next gen graphics and game play. What they could do is make Elder Scrolls five start it in any province. Then they could add on another province as DLC. That way they would not have to make another and if they wanted could end the series. i.e start V in Skyrim or Summer Set Isle, then add DLC add Valenwood, then add the next provicne, then next province one after the either until they are all are there.

User Info: tainted_lynx

7 years ago#16
I hope they start in Akavir. Opens things more.

User Info: Draugenn

7 years ago#17
Or maybe they could allow you to decide where you want to start off/have it based off your character, and maybe have that affect other things in the game world.

User Info: Nihilist

7 years ago#18
They are definatly going to make Elder Scrolls 5. Its worth way too much money not to. And they've said in the past that the elder scrolls series has always been about making the best single player experience so you can count out MMO.

Id say more than likley there working on it and dont want to talk about yet because of everything else they are trying to push, like they're new IP. But when they do anounce it i expect the same attitude bungie has toward halo reach, in other words "this is the most ambitious game bethesda has ever made" type announcment. Since no new console is coming out itll be on ps3/xbox, no motion control because the new motion controls are so different on each platform.

Im hoping for a game informer cover story.
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User Info: seeker_deos

7 years ago#19
assuming the website isn't lying, ES V is in summerset isle (thebgame is subtitled Alinor, the capital of summerset) and is being developed by Armor Games to be released in 2011

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User Info: RedliwLedah

7 years ago#20
For anyone who didnt notice, including the poster, that was posted on April 1st, and Armor Games is a flash game host company, which you can check out at
Gamefaqs is pretty cool, but you know where is cooler? the BEST place for golden sun discussion.
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