Best house in oblivion?

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User Info: mathewhearn94

6 years ago#1
Well call me lazy buy i cbf looking for a good house and they cost alot so could i please have some tips on the best the bigger the better.
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User Info: Kevinpiranha

6 years ago#2
Benirus Manor in Anvil will cost you 5000 gold and after a bit of "cleaning" is a rather nice pre-furnished and pre-furbished mansion to live in with no added cost to the decorating.
As far as original game houses that I personally like, that is without DLC, I rather like Rosethorn Hall in the northern part of Skingrad, it's rather expensive but a really attractive manor to live in.

NOW, I suggest you get the DLC Fighter's Stronghold (Battlehorn Castle) is everything you could possibly want and has quite a few secrets within that are fun to find and the customization is fairly large with the taxidermist and beer maker.... the shear size of the place and all the customizing it has to offer make it my go to place...I just like hanging out there putting all of my collected dadric artifacts and whatnot in the many display cases or on the numerous shelving's and alcoves and tables's just a big ol place to set up basecamp while still having an oddly warm feel to it for it being a castle and all. Feels more like a Home.
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User Info: Lord_Dagon100

6 years ago#3
the best/biggest house in oblivion (no DLC) is Rosethorn Hall in skingrad. After you have bought everything for it, go up to the master bedroom and jump on the platform above the deer head. There will be a 'long forgotten note' there. Read it and the side quest 'the rosethorn cache will be available. this house costs 25,000. If u need a money cheat, here it is:

Make sure u hav at least two of the same scroll. Then equip the scroll. Then come out of the journal page and hit the ground. Halfway through this, open up ur journal and double tap ur equipped scroll. Then drop the item u want to duplicate.(YOU MUST HAVE A LARGER AMOUNT OF SCROLLS THAN THE ITEM). then sell ur stuff.

good luck :)

User Info: kevindrosario2

6 years ago#4

From: Lord_Dagon100 | #003
Make sure u hav at least two of the same scroll. Then equip the scroll. Then come out of the journal page and hit the ground. Halfway through this, open up ur journal and double tap ur equipped scroll. Then drop the item u want to duplicate.

You added in a whole lot of extra steps. You don't need to swing your weapon or double tap your equipped scroll or exit your journal midway or anything like that. All you need to do is equip the stack of scrolls and then drop the item you want to dupe.
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User Info: mathewhearn94

6 years ago#5
Wow thanks guys i dont have the DLC how do i get it i have never seen it at all i dont know if its available in austrailia.. buy thanks i brought the big one in skingrad its great lots of glass display cabnits to put my awesom found/rare wepions and ring/necklaces in and i found the quest... btw i hint if yous dont allreddy know when you finish the dark brother hood story line when your in the night mother tomb if you look in the old coffens you will find some sweet arrows called 'arrows of the north winds' they do standered +4 damage and a added frost damage 60 points in 10 ft on strike.. and best of all they only weight 0.1 so if yous are/can multiply your arrows you can have alot of how i multiply.

step will need at least 2 scrolls of the same type 'eg' flare x 2 (the more you have the more it multiplys.

step 2.pick you item you want to multiply (any item eccept quest items)

step 3.attack the air with any wepion the press the button to open ur bag click the scroll you have 2 or more of twice then drop the item you wish to multiply.

spet 4. picking up the multiplyed items sometimes can be hard deppending of how many you multiplyed if its like 50 it will lagg for a while till most of the multiplyed items are off the ground

TIp. multiply your most expensive item right next to a shop keeper so you can pick em up then sell em even if your bag is over weight...... good luck
the age of OBLIVION!

User Info: rrhammer

6 years ago#6

Make sure you talk to Eyja (Gunder's assistant in Colovian Traders in Skingrad) after you purchase the servant's quarters for Rosethorn Hall.

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