Glitch on the cure for vampirism quest

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User Info: Oden-X6V

9 years ago#1
Hey I got the ingredients for the cure for vampirism potion. I got the vampire dust, the argonion blood, the garlic, the nightshade leavesand the blood grass right? I gave all the ingredients except the bloodgrass to the witch but when I go to give her the bloodgrasss she doesnt think I have it in my inventory. It said 2 shoots of bloodgrass and I got 6 in the planes of Obvlivion. I need help on how to fix this glitch which is annoying the hell out of me. Any ideas?

User Info: LeoTheRover

9 years ago#2
Do you have goty?

If you do, You just got the bloodgrass glitch. In witch case I don't think there's a way to cure it.
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User Info: Oden-X6V

9 years ago#3
I got the game the of the year edition. I mean c'mon there must be a way to fix it. I mean if the glitch is only on the goty edition then what if I used the original?

User Info: LeoTheRover

9 years ago#4
Sorry, I wouldn't know how to fix it...

I just know what the glitch is.
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User Info: LeoTheRover

9 years ago#5
Forgive me for the double post.

Wasn't paying attention to your post. Yes getting an original oblivion would allow you to finish the quest and cure yourself. I myself was planning on renting it when I got to that quest.
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User Info: FF_vs_XIII

9 years ago#6
there is ONE way to fix it, but it involves either spending money or having a friend with the original version:

GET THE ORIGINAL VERSION, (off a friend, rented from a shop, or just bought) and load your save, you should have everything apart from the SI stuff, then go give the witch the bloodgrass and then save, then load up GOTY again . =D
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User Info: v1valab8m

9 years ago#7
Been wanting to ask: do you lose SI progress like you do when you uninstall SI, when you use a disc instead?
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User Info: oldgamer49

9 years ago#8
This is what Bethesda said to me.....

This is the ONLY WAY to circumvent the bloodgrass issue on PS3.
This response is in no way from Bethesda Softworks it is a personal recommendation.
We will NOT assist you in this process, it is not supported.
NOTE *I would recommend renting the game instead of buying it.*

PS3 GoTY edition players currently have no way of curing their vampirism due to the above bug as the Vile Lair and other official plug-ins are not yet available on PSN. The Bloodgrass topic will be absent or grayed-out and Melisande will not accept the Bloodgrass even if the main quest is not completed, unlike what occurs on unpatched PC and XBox360 non-GoTY Oblivion (on the GoTY version the patch is built-in, so this bug will never occur.) A workaround is to obtain (ie through rental) a non-GoTY Oblivion disc and use that to play through the completion of the quest. The Bloodgrass topic can then be chosen and the player's vampirism can be cured.


1) Because the player's current save must be saved under a version of Oblivion without the Shivering Isles present, items specific to Shivering Isles may be lost. To prevent the loss of items if the Isles have already been entered, first place all Shivering Isles items into a safe container in Cyrodiil, not in the Isles.
2) Travel to Drakelowe with the required two shoots of Bloodgrass, enter and save. It would be advisable to note which save slot it is, as it may be required to revert to it should something go wrong.
3) Completely exit Oblivion, remove the GoTY disc from the PS3, and insert the non-GoTY disc.
4) Launch Oblivion and load your current save in Drakelowe.
5) Speak to Melisande and choose the Bloodgrass topic. She should now accept it.
6) Save the game into a new save slot so that if something has gone wrong your previous save is still accessible.
7) Completely exit Oblivion, remove the non-GoTY disc from the PS3, and re-insert the GoTY disc.
8) Launch Oblivion, load your new save and continue. Retrieving any Shivering Isles items from their safe container at this point to ensure that they are still there would be advisable.

Known side effects on Shivering Isles:

* There will be little or no impact if this is performed before the player has entered the Isles at all so it is preferable to get rid of vampirism as soon as possible if the Isles have not been entered yet.
* If Shivering Isles quests are active, they may disappear or bugs may occur. Keep your pre-workaround save game just in case.
* Although Shivering Isles items may be kept with the workaround of storing them in Cyrodiil, spells, powers and abilities will almost certainly disappear. You will have to purchase any missing spells again. If the Main Quest has been completed, speak with Haskill and the two Greater Powers obtained at quest end should be restored.
* Shivering Isles items kept in player inventory may not disappear if they have been enchanted by the player.
* Golden Saint and Dark Seducer guards may lose all of their conversation topics. Their arrest behavior will still occur normally. If the Main Quest has been completed, the Escorts should still have all of their dialog topics.
* If the Main Quest has been completed, the ownership of the Duke's/Duchess' Quarters may revert and the player may be trespassing in them. Any items stored in them that were previously player-owned will similarly revert and will be considered stolen.

User Info: Oden-X6V

9 years ago#9

Hey oldgamer49 that is some pretty good advice. But just to be sure is the only way so far to fix the glitch is to get the original game and load up the file? I know I can rent it and everything but what happens when like in a year or two when I feel like playing it again and start a new game and forget about the bloodgrass glitch? will I be able to download a patch to fix it of PSN? Cos the game isnt going to be able to rent forever and it would be a waste of time to own both of the games and all I can do so far for future reference is put a note in the cover saying "Don't become a vampire. Bloodgrass glitch"

User Info: Mudhippie

9 years ago#10
One can only speculate what Bethesda will do in the future regarding a patch to the Bloodgrass glitch and also if there will be DLC (i.e Mehrune's Dagger, Wizard's Tower, etc.). So to take a guess at something that "could" be in the future would be futile.

Go ahead and stick that note on your game now. If in 2 years things have changed, then by all means, burn/shred/crumple/bury your note and have fun doing the quest to rid yourself of vampirism.
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