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8 years ago#1
I have done a decent amount of the main quest. I was wondering if anyone actually did the main quest all the way first then side quest. I just seem to enjoy the side quests more. If you did the main quest first, why did you do so? you enjoy it more?
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User Info: Mental_Gear

8 years ago#2
To see the ending.

But on the downside, if you're a perfectionist, don't do the 'paradise' main quest mission until you shut all 60 random oblivion gates. These all open after beating 'dagon shrine'.
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User Info: DragonboyBDC

8 years ago#3
I think it's better to do the side-quests first. I have played the game for few hundred hours and most the quests are done. I'm saving the main quest for last. Only reason I know why to do that is that after giving the Great Welkynd Stone to Martin, your statue will be put in Bruma. It will have the "best" equipment your character has in their inventory, not the items you have equipped...
So if you want a cool-looking statue do some quests and get some gear, but then again, that's what I'm saying, so don't listen to me, I'm crazy, you should choose yourself if you want to finish the main quest first and then get on the side quests, or vice versa.
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User Info: stevie402

8 years ago#4
I didn't know they would put a statue of you in Bruma after the great welkynd stone. I will have to check it out as Bruma is my favorite town and I have my house there. I think I had an almost complete set of elvish armour, hopefully that is what is on my statue.

User Info: eolsunder

8 years ago#5
I don't do the main quest until after level 20ish, because you don't get the good sigil stones from the oblivion gates.

I always go..

Mage guild quests
Fighters guild quests
Thieves guild quests
Assassin guests

the misc quests are thrown in there when ever i'm bored with the others.

Once i hit level 25 (when reward item levels are maxxed, random loot is maxxed), i start to do the main quest and the oblivion gates. Then i just run about and start doing shrines, more gates, etc.

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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

8 years ago#6
i always do the mage guild recommendations first, then i just roleplay and efficient level until i'm bored of the char...meh

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User Info: stevie402

8 years ago#7
Yep, checked out Bruma and found my statue next to one of the town gates, dressed in my enchanted elven armor, enchanted mithril helmet, enchanted mithril shield and my trusty mages mace. Nice little weapon I found in a chest while doing one of the missions( I can't remember which one or what fort it was that i came across it )

User Info: Joolsy

8 years ago#8
^that's pretty cool - even to a jaded old ****** like me - lol.

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User Info: Mental_Gear

8 years ago#9
In my statue, I will be wearing the Emperor's gear.
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