Where can I keep my store items safety in early game?

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  3. Where can I keep my store items safety in early game?

User Info: faxmayfax

7 years ago#1
I've about 4000 of gold but is there a way to store my items without buying a house because it's too expensive?
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User Info: stevie402

7 years ago#2
If you go to Lewawyn, a topic concerning Mazoga the Orc should come up. Talk to the count regarding her and complete the corresponding quests with her. Once completed you will have access to the white stallion lodge( a free house) and you will be able to store your excess loot/goods in the chests and cabinets as they do not respawn and are safe for storage. The only thing is if you leave food in them Mazoga will eat the food if she is there, but she will leave your other items alone.

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User Info: XBPilot

7 years ago#3
You can just put stuff anywhere on the ground until you get a house. I recommend you put it somewhere easy to remember. In front of a house that you plan to buy is a good place.

I threw a few skulls, couple clubs, and the goblin shaman staff from the tutorial at the foot of one of the statues in the Imp City market district. After a couple hundred hours of gameplay they are still there. You can leave them there forever or move them once you get a house. Stolen items will remain also, just don't let someone see you retrieve them or you will incur a bounty.

User Info: Rhyten

7 years ago#4
^Your food may get eaten by someone, careful with that
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User Info: XBPilot

7 years ago#5
I am assuming Rhyten is talking about the white stallion lodge. I usually don't store food on the ground though. I lay out weapons and armor that I want to keep for later. Sometimes places like the statues in the imp city market district and the sidewalk going around the Anvil house remain as storage locations.

Rather than having to go into the house and get things out of containers, it can be faster and easier to leave them out in the open. One character I had used to throw pumpkins behind the anvil house. I forget how many I accumulated. Must have had 300-400 pumpkins in the backyard.

User Info: Gladion20

7 years ago#6
you can also do the aleswell quest to get a free room/house. To start it go i think left from the imperial city along the road till you see an inn.
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User Info: flatline42

7 years ago#7
I know you said you don't want to buy a house, but it's only 2000 gold for the shack in Imperial City.

I get that house pretty early and just dump everything I want to keep on the floor.

You can also steal the house upgrades; the storage upgrade from Luronk gro-Glurzog's house or Marinus Catiotus' house, the kitchen upgrade from Stantus Varrid's house or Tertius Favonius' house. These will give you four storage containers.

User Info: zanderXIXVIIVI

7 years ago#8
In the Imperial City there is a stump located inbeetween raindeers staf and Edgars discount spells as soon as you walk inbeetween the two buildings look to your right its on the ground. Note droping gear on ground will stay for 3 in game days after that it dissapears forever.

User Info: GenocideHeart

7 years ago#9
If you want an actual HOUSE (and a nice one at that), go to Talos Plaza district in IC by fast traveling. As soon as you spawn there, hang a left and look for a house called S'Rathad's House. That house is bugged and over 70% of the containers inside are not marked as owned AND do not respawn. You can simply pickpocket the key off S'Rathad, or you can just kill him (which ensures he won't eat your stuff).

I don't recall offhand which containers are safe, but I do remember that the sacks are all safe (including the ones in the basement), and so is the chest next to the main door (to your left as soon as you enter). The cupboards RESPAWN, as does the food on the table, so leave those alone.

The only 'owned' container in the house is a jewelry box upstairs.
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User Info: XBPilot

7 years ago#10
I am not sure that Zander is talking about the same game. I don't have GOTY buy rather the original game with SI downloaded off the PS store. Either way, I don't think it makes a difference.

I have played multiple characters totaling THOUSANDS of hours and items DO NOT DISAPPEAR when placed on the ground. Items will disappear when stored in containers that you don't own. After a couple hundred hours(which is more than 3 in-game days) items will still be where you left them.
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  3. Where can I keep my store items safety in early game?

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