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User Info: Anutha One

Anutha One
6 years ago#1
Anyone know whether there is a glitch that starts occurring if you have too many saved games? I believe I have 128 saved games and started over by saving each of my subsequent save games by going back to the bottom of the saved games list so that I was saving over old saved games. Anyways, I'm about 60 hours into the game and it seems like I'm starting to see certain saves (e.g. saves # 49, 50, 53) seem to be glitched no matter how many times I save over them. They will save perfectly fine while loading up from an earlier saved game but when I go to load the newly saved game, I get the bar that says they load 100% but the subsequent load screen's bar never moves, not even a little. I know I have a lot of saves but it hasn't seemed to be a problem until around save 49 like I stated previously and even then, it's not every single save either. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this too or it's already a well known issue or not?

Also, one other thing I've noticed is, so the game stopped me from being able to create more than 128 saves. At which point, I can see my first save still when attempting to save a new save. The funny thing is, when I go to try and load the oldest save game, it's not appearing on the list of the saves that I can even load. Is this just another glitch that I was unaware of?
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User Info: Wratts

6 years ago#2
Never heard of this but you may have discovered yet another annoying glitch.

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