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User Info: 360dude140

7 years ago#1
Now everyone here should know that this game and BWU were really poor rated, and it's likely that the series won't be continued. I'm sure there are tons of people who want another game including me, that's why I propose a petition for another Destroy All Humans! game.

I know that THQ haven't said they're not abandoning DAH! but its likely that the project wont be continued and this petition is to remind THQ that not everyone hated PotF and they want another game. Hopefully if we get many people to sign across many websites they may be persuaded to make another. I for one thought PotF was the best DAH! game yet.

Please THQ... *signs*.
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User Info: DAH_Joe

7 years ago#2
I think Sandblast Games is making the next Destroy All Humans! game. It seems the rumor went that THQ was pushing Sandblast to finish up on Path of the Furon because of their low budget. Most of it went to Big Willy Unleashed which is probably why they didn't have enough to finish it. But also that they wanted to make a start on making the next game that is set in the 80s. I think when Hammer said they didn't have enough in their budget he probably couldn't say that they were making another game after Path of the Furon. I don't know if he was the one that said it, this is just my guess.

User Info: smidgeonnn

7 years ago#3
I don't see how a petition on a nearly dead message board on a small corner of the inernet is going to reach THQ's knowledge.
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User Info: 360dude140

7 years ago#4
That's why I'm going to post it other places
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User Info: DAH_Joe

7 years ago#5


User Info: joshsmith16

7 years ago#6

*signed* Yes I would like a Destroy All Humans! 4

User Info: ck80

7 years ago#7
I, too, would LOVE a sequel to Path of the Furon. However I think you'll be better off using a real online petition and spreading that around.

*signs* anyways

User Info: 360dude140

7 years ago#8
I'm use that link when I time, send the link here and then if you guys could spread it round that would be great now how many signatures should we go for? 10,000?
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User Info: Nightmarecast

7 years ago#9
If the same devs would make it I would sign the petition to get it cancelled, this game is a technical step backwards, I have not experienced this much bad stuff in one game in a long time, jesus christ!!
This game is a mess, I love the game but technically it's a damn nightmare, WTF?!
Give it to someone else.

User Info: DAH_Joe

7 years ago#10
I don't think the petition is going to work out...come on...even the petition I'm working on isn't getting enough signatures and I got haven't checked it in while...but the last time I checked I got 109 within a few days and my goal is 10,000. I gotten like 107 in an hour which was amazing! But then it went to one per day kinda deal. But hey, you can see how many people will sign it but even if we did get 10,000 are you sure THQ will still make a 4th game? That is mostly their choice, not ours. But we can still change their thoughts though. But even then 10,000 people is just a big hand full. They spent a lot of money and time to make a really good game.
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