Would you buy a de Blob 2?

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User Info: mutehero7

7 years ago#1
So what if Kirby, after swallowing Sephiroth, was possessed by the Carnage symbiote, put on the Fierce Deity Mask, and did the Fusion Dance with Gogeta?

User Info: 10000_needles

7 years ago#2
If it is better or at least as good as the first, than yes.

If it is ruined by a gimmick or simply less enjoyable, i would probably pass

If the gameplay takes place in a real huge giant city like GTA or Burnout Paradise then its INSTANT BUY

User Info: mutehero7

7 years ago#3
Huh, cool idea.
Fear it: http://img191.imageshack.us/i/fiercedeitycarnagesuper.png/

User Info: GuessMyUserName

7 years ago#4
de Blob 2 just got announced today

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User Info: BDza

7 years ago#5
Yeah sequel, hope they improve this game and not just rehash it. It has potential to be innovative.

I would also just like to say HA to the poster in this topic who doubted this game would get a sequel:

A Brother who will help the widow's son...Are you a traveling man too?
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User Info: Citrate1007

7 years ago#6
I think the best improvement they could make would be a detailed map. Keep the live action map, but add a pause screen map so you could tell what buildings that you've already painted.

Also, different colors could give De Blob different abilities: Blue makes you jump higher, red makes you attack better, green makes you go faster. yellow makes you slide on walls longer, etc. This would go a long ways in adding variety to the gameplay and make getting all of the awards for the levels more challenging.
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User Info: nocute_nickname

7 years ago#7
meh probably.

i'd buy it if they added an optional control scheme:

A button to jump!!!!!

no more stupid waggle.

User Info: bzach43

7 years ago#8
Maybe if they had some better multiplayer kinda things, too. =/ That'd be nice. xD And if they make it so you can't get stuff. Either just with the coding kinda stuff, or with something that allows you to fix it if you get stuck, like a 'go through walls' kinda thing, or something. xD

User Info: bzach43

7 years ago#9
Gah, I meant "can't get STUCK", not "can't get stuff". -_-'
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