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User Info: koolkittykat

9 years ago#1
I am trying to find all of the eyes, ut I am missing one. Could someone plz list the places where all the eyes are.thx :)

User Info: myster_nut

9 years ago#2
Here are the locations of all of the glass eyes. I haven’t included everything that you need to do to get them all. Just general locations and necessities in most cases –

1 - in trophy (1991) in library
2 - in Forty Winks Mausoleum in miniature cemetery
3 - the marble puzzle in the table located in the room where the miniature cemetery is
4 - in the drawer next to the bed in the small bedroom
5 - you have to find the portrait of Henry’s parents and rearrange all of the portraits there according to the note found in the book by Prof. Hotchkiss – this opens the secret door and you can look through a peephole to see the book “Eye of the Beholder” in the library. Go in the library and open that book.
6 - is already in the cabinet in the secret room
7 - is in the bowling game – you get it when you turn all the pictures to eyes
8 - is part of the pendulum game in the secret room
9 - is in the eye socket of the pirate puppet in the secret room – along with an eyeball token
10 - use the token in the gumball machine in the secret room
11 - Grandfather clock using code from “Time Will Tell” story
12 - also Grandfather clock
13 - also Grandfather clock
14 - go through the card catalog in the library and make a note of any number associated with any book with the word “eye” in the title. Add these numbers together then take down the book “A Librarian’s Tale” – top shelf, right side – and enter the number that was the result of your addition into the combination on the book
15 - is the key chain that Henry had made from Uncle Bruno’s glass eye he was wearing when he died
16 - use the story “History of Quincy T. Booker’s Teeth” to pull the book levers in the library to open secret panel
17 - use the notes played by the “Spider in the Box” in the secret room to strum the strings around the spider hole in fountain and an eyeball is your reward
18 - for this one you need the note from the eye socket of the pirate puppet, the book of people’s names and location of burial and clues from each of their headstones as well as the name of Bruno’s dog (it requires lots of trips out to the cemetery)
19 - for this one you need the story “Steps in the Right Direction” from the book “Short Stories for Tired Eyes”, a rubbing of the directions from the tomb of Charlie Wicker and the skeleton arm shovel hanging in the potting area near Renee
20 - for this one you have to get the clue to the master buzzard at Bruno’s crypt from the story “The Key to the Statues, the Statues are Key” in the book “Short Stories for Tired Eyes” and move the other buzzard heads in the correct order to get the master buzzards head feathers in the right position so that it will release the key that unlocks the base of the other buzzard
21 - see above
22 - see above
23 - see above (four in all)
24 - you will need to beat the wasps at the loquat tree to get a piece of fruit to lure Iggy the iguana from the vent in the secret room where he hides. You have to dress him up as a pirate then step back and he will go back into his vent and retrieve a small chest. You will see that you need a name to enter into its combination to open it and Bess will have to get it for you.
25 - again you will have to beat the wasps and get another loquat for Iggy. This time you dress him as an optometrist and he will bring you the last glass eye

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