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User Info: youngscrub

9 years ago#1

User Info: Koijirospath

9 years ago#2
Jumping of a building, calling your horse and landing on him. Pure awesome...

I never heard of this game before untill two days ago and I'm thinking day one purchase.
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User Info: vegeto_18

9 years ago#3
A website finally put something up. Was it not playable on the show floor or something. Every website I have gone to has previews and gameplay on the same games, and nothing new on this one.

User Info: 52886

9 years ago#4
Same here, found this game online a few weeks ago...NOW I'M HOOKED. Buying it the first day it comes out.

User Info: AlkalineHero099

9 years ago#5
I've been excited for this since I read the GI issue. Haven't heard anything since then, but now I'm hyped!
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