one of the most wanted games this year for me.

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User Info: Death is coming

Death is coming
8 years ago#1
I cant wait to get my hands on this. Looks great.
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User Info: Thryhring

8 years ago#2
Me too, absolutely. :D
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User Info: Icemael

8 years ago#3
Same here. I think this game isn't getting nearly as much attention as it should - it looks fantastic.

User Info: chaoz-king

8 years ago#4

Me 4. This game looks awesome, Hoping it comes out this year.

User Info: paul0209

8 years ago#5

Me 5. Ive had my eye on this for quite some time.

User Info: 0X0_Ghost_0X0

8 years ago#6
howdy board, first post here :D

me 6 forward to this, me and my friends constantly dream about a zelda remake for the 360, and this here is about the closest ever.
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User Info: hotblower

8 years ago#7
I really look forward to this game. I like the style and atmosphere.
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User Info: Edot0

8 years ago#8

Agreed! Game looks really intresting. I wanna play it right now.

User Info: MasterTankallex

8 years ago#9
It's not just one of the most wanted games for me, it's THE most wanted game for me this year. I've had my eye on this game since last year.
XBL Gamertag: TankalexStorm

User Info: BioShockOwnz

8 years ago#10

It comes out Jan. 1st, so it's my first most anticipated title in 2010. ;)

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  3. one of the most wanted games this year for me.

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