All Legendary Enhancements Locations and effects[Spoilers]

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User Info: Alorwin

7 years ago#1
War's Glory:
Requirements: Abyssal Chain
Location:When you're going around, trying to find and bash the spider queen, the area with the REALLY big gem-protected spider is about where this is. After you kill the gem-spider, you encounter a really long path that you can only cross with a mix of gliding[floating, really, at the speed you travel], and grappel. When, right after you latch on to the FIRST hook, turn around. There is a chest on the ledge above and it contains [real spoilers] War's Glory, which does...

Drastically increase Chaos gained via whatever weapon is using it.
Drastically increase the amount of weapon experience gained.
Drastically increase the duration of Chaos Form
Drastically increase weapon damage

Strife's Offering:
Requirements: Abyssal Chain
Location: The Ashlands. It's in the pit-area you get to, after making one of the drills pull out of the sand. You need the grapple to reach, however. [More notably, it's in the room that has a bunch of the barnacle-imitations, that grab and bite things. You have to swing across a big non-damaging pit to reach it.]

Slotted Effects:
Boosts weapon damage.
Generates Wrath and Chaos on killing blows[b-button kills]
Passive Effects:
Drastically increases projectile attack damage.
Increases War's defense against projectile attacks.

Death's Blessing:
Requirements: Voidwalker
Location: When traveling on The Dry Road, in the big tunnel with the large blast-door that opens slowly and shuts quickly, there is a Voidwalker-surface on one side of the door. Place a hole there then open the door and go to the other side, where there is a small room with the first Chronosphere you ever used is. Place a void-hole on the surface in this room, set the door to opening, then activate the chronosphere by hand, then finally walk through the hole to find the chest that contains...

Slotted Effects:
Leeches weapon damage and converts it to health[much like the Abyssal Armor also does... or is it that I have the harvester?]
Drastically increases weapon damage
Drastically increases the amount of souls acquired from objects and creatures
Additional soul rewards when assigned to the Scythe.

Fury's Embrace:
Requirements: Voidwalker
Location: The Black Throne After you first encounter Azrael, the first area you go to which requires some pit-swinging to reach, once you get the voidwalker and leave that room, you then encounter your first voidwalker puzzle[that requires tossing a bomb into a portal to break some red-crystals]. Beyond the red crystals is a room with no floor that uses triggers for the floating path-blocks. As you cross, to your left is a small room with a voidwalker surface. Shoot a portal up there then fall. Then backtrack a little to the portal on the sliding-section and jump through it. You'll land in that floorless room in front of another trigger that will create a path to the chest that contains...

Slotted Effect:
Wrath leeched on every weapon strike.
Passive Effects:
Boosts Wrath power damage.
Reveals all world maps and items.
Additional Wrath boost on killing blows.
Rather than leave this info which I gathered myself in a potentially unrelated thread, I'm collecting it in a thread that is very obvious about what it contains.

User Info: goku252525

7 years ago#2
a lil off topic but can you tell me where the hallows is?
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User Info: InCheck

7 years ago#3
the hollows area is through a door with some concrete steps in front of it, in anvil's ford.

User Info: kappuccinoo

7 years ago#4
crap guess i missed Fury's Embrace - I'm assuming once you defeat Straga you can't get it anymore

User Info: Alorwin

7 years ago#5
You can go back to Samael's prison to take a portal back in.
GT: Jasiven

User Info: kappuccinoo

7 years ago#6
oh nice thanks for the info

User Info: Alorwin

7 years ago#7
GT: Jasiven

User Info: PhoenixAssassin

7 years ago#8
This deserves a bump

User Info: sylverlolol

7 years ago#9
"You need to get your point out in one or two paragraphs. This is a message board, not a therapy session." - TreGooda

User Info: matty4042

7 years ago#10

where is fury's embrace- these directions don't help!!!!!

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