What upgrades should I get first?

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User Info: Melhisedek

5 years ago#1
I just started like 2 hours ago and really love the game so far, but wondered what upgrades are best bang for the buck early on. I presume by the end of the game most of the stuff will be maxed anyway but early on I think they matter the most
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User Info: MaxFahrenheit

5 years ago#2
personally, i like the Weapon Master upgrade as a 1st purchase even though its hard to wait in the beginning for 1k souls (i'm playing apocalyptic so max damage is always helpful), followed by the scythe and then the Death's Rage move (that move absolutely rocks a crowd of weaker enemies if you let them surround you and time it right because it can take the whole crowd off their feet and leave them stunned for spamming of it). the only actual purchased move i use with the Chaoseater is the harpoon tackle because its great for knocking some of the later enemies off their feet for free hits on the ground.

beyond those, it will still depend on your playstyle. those are literally the only purchased "moves" i've found useful, most of them are just there to liven up the game if you like using lots of different moves, i wouldn't call any of them gamechangers though. proper dodging, blocking, and timing will serve you much better in the long run along with finding life and wrath shards to boost your ability to stay alive and get out of tight spots. most bosses are about finding the "weakness." Stoneskin and Affliction are definitely the wrath abilities to roll with but you'll just have to play around to see which you like using more.

hope that wasn't too much. have fun man, this game is awesome.

User Info: deathscythe257

5 years ago#3
weapons master is a must. Then max out flipsaw, at full power you can take apart most enemies easily. And finally, get stone-skin. Everything else, is based on ur playstyle imo. If you play on apocalyptic, this is what I recommend
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