Missable stuff?

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User Info: Jchopper5

5 years ago#1
Anyone know if there are any missable items or upgrades? I played this when it first came out and I'm playing through again before 2 comes out and when i loaded my original game i was missing a few things.

User Info: linkkhalid89

5 years ago#2
Some achievements are missable, but nothing else.

User Info: BoomerHelll

5 years ago#3
There 3 chests that you have to do certain things to acquire. Theres a soul chest in the crossroads where you have to destroy the fire hydrants to get, in the choking grounds you have to destroy the tombstones to get the chest. and in the twilight cathedral underground where you have to light the torches to get to the next level, light them all and you get an enchantment called bloodthirst
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