the graphical style reminds me of...

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  3. the graphical style reminds me of...

User Info: cubegod69er

5 years ago#1
Brutal Legend. Anyone else?

User Info: Ulyaoth74

5 years ago#2
Naw, this game is way more cartoony than Brutal Legend. If you said WoW, that would be more understandable... as they are the same creator.
"Can you draw two M&Ms fighting with katanas?" -Me -aDubiousNotion

User Info: Darienmask

5 years ago#3
I realize this was a week ago now, but how is this related to WoW in any way? The art is by Joe Madureira and the game was developed by Vigil. Not really seeing a link to Blizzard at all

User Info: Hotsumaru

5 years ago#4
I thought the game looked somewhat less cartoon-ish than Brütal Legends actually and aside from war having big shoulder-plates I don't see much that is wow-like in the graphical style.
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  3. the graphical style reminds me of...

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