Love child of Link and Raziel???

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User Info: onoblej

4 years ago#1
Just got this game to run through it quickly because I saw the ads for DS2 and it looks awesome.

Since I didnt want to start in the middle of the story, I went out and bought this the day i did my pre-order for DS2.

My opinion...

Not bad! i actually like this game. The board is hilarious with how often the Zelda comparison gets brought up too. There was one topic from a while back that I kind of have to agree with though.

While its obvious through a million little things & about 10 big ones that Zelda was a HUGE inspiration for this game, I still get way more of a Soul Reaver vibe from the story and presentation.

Dark story about someone who fell from a high position. Elder gods. End of the world. The voice acting... Even the animation on War's glide looks like Raziel's. Some of the icons for abilities bear more than a passing resemblance to the ones in Lok:SR.

The original LoK was an awesome game and the fact that the sequal sucked a** after all the time I waited to play it was a bummer. This is what LoK:SR should have been...

User Info: Ulyaoth74

4 years ago#2
I'm glad you said that. I love this game, but I can't deny that it takes a heavy amount of inspiration from other games. Every one says it is like Zelda, but when I played the game, I felt it was closer to Soul Reaver than Zelda.
"Can you draw two M&Ms fighting with katanas?" -Me -aDubiousNotion
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