Games on Demand version broken?

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User Info: Vamar

5 years ago#1
Just bought the GoD version of Darksiders and it does not work. I've downloaded it twice, and both times, all I get is a black screen. I hear the notification sound like it's prompting me to download the update, and then my Xbox freezes.

User Info: XY12Burnz

5 years ago#2
Did that to me too with the retail version that comes with Darksiders II at Walmart. I reset and tried a second time, it did it again. I left it for a few minutes, then the update screen finally popped up.

User Info: vogelkacke

5 years ago#3
no its definitely not broken.
bought it 3 days ago and no problems so far.

User Info: SpamRaillery

5 years ago#4
I bought the disc version yesterday and was having the same problem.

I installed the game, and when I loaded it, the screen was black for 30 seconds. I thought the xbox had frozen, so I hit the guide button. The guide screen didn't come up for another 10 seconds.

Once I got past the menu, the game played as it should.

It was all very disconcerting. I haven't had this problem with any other game.

User Info: SpamRaillery

5 years ago#5
I'm on a 250 gig Slim, by the way.

User Info: olmansilverpant

5 years ago#6
I just bought this game(disk) for the first time and it did that to me too when it originally loaded up. Im also on a 250gb slim
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User Info: imran_666

5 years ago#7
Happens here also, just leave the console for a bit and it will work fine.
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