Any opinions/comparisons between DS & DS2?

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  3. Any opinions/comparisons between DS & DS2?

User Info: onoblej

5 years ago#1
OK, so i have both games. Beat DS and not really all that far into DS 2 but these are really different games.

The whole change in tone and environment threw me completely from the moment i got to the makers world. I was thinking:

"Wait, wasn't the first game about heaven and hell and the apocalypse and how it affected earth?"

Suddenly im in a world populated by the race of one of DS's minor characters. And the monsters...

Still fighting the prowler type things and the bigger four legged beasties? Really?

Finally made it out of the makers world and its looking more like i thought it would, but still...

There's more but im gonna open the floor to more opinions.

User Info: onoblej

5 years ago#2
And this is completely off-topic, but can anybody tell me how to change my name on this thing without creating a new account?

User Info: legendX66

5 years ago#3
haven't played ds2 yet but you can't change your name without a new account. (like every other forum)
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User Info: TheGlow

5 years ago#4
Best you can do is contact an admin and have the change the formatting. You can adjust caps and I think spaces.

my old 1999 or so account was lost, so i made this in haste, theglow.
Took a while but got them to cap the T and G.

Other forums depending on size can easily change an account name.
Simple database editing. Will they for one person? most likely not.
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  3. Any opinions/comparisons between DS & DS2?

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