Argh, can't get past the big guy at Broken Stair

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  3. Argh, can't get past the big guy at Broken Stair

User Info: Deaddster

7 years ago#1
What am I doing wrong, I get on the suspended highway and this clawed guy shows up. Can't block his attacks and whenever I try to dash dodge, he still hits me. I die in about 3 hits. Playing on Hard, been killed by him like 6 times in a row now and I'm getting frustrated. The horn barely affects him, I haven't tried countering cause I'm afraid it'll just get me killed like everything else has.

User Info: DantetheBadass

7 years ago#2
I used the harpoon tackle to dash in did 2 hits and did 2 dashes out he's a pretty slow attacker to so if you see him try to hit you with his right hand you can easily side step to the right and go right under.
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User Info: bradleh

7 years ago#3
Don't forget to throw some cars back at him when he's on his way over, 2-3 cars is a good chunk of his life.
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User Info: Deathsaber182

7 years ago#4
What you do is attack as much as you can when he attacks dash back then dash to the left. Since he does a 1,2 that he uses his right then left hand to attack you.

P.S I was frustrated as hell too.

User Info: Deaddster

7 years ago#5
Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll give it another try.

User Info: Deaddster

7 years ago#6
Got him, seems like a lot of the trick to beating him is doing a side dash instead of a backward dash, and doing it at the right times.

User Info: somedude1216

7 years ago#7
The side dash is key in defeating a lot of these big guys since they lunge at you when they attack. It's difficult to back dash that being the case.

User Info: VINDETTA123

7 years ago#8
i feel for you man, most of my death count was from this guy, anyways i figured that the way to beat this guy is hit and run, slash2 times max then dash back and repeat, you can try and use the hrn to stun himw hen he tries to attack but that only works if he's attack with both arms at once or just the left arm.

User Info: DanCato

7 years ago#9
I'm having a hard time with this dude too. I'm not entirely sure why people are saying this game is extremely easy, it's by no means that difficult, but it definitely has its hard moments.
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  3. Argh, can't get past the big guy at Broken Stair

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