Stuck trying to get to Straga

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User Info: neverrealm

6 years ago#1
Ok, I'm stuck trying to get to Straga. I rode the elevator down to line up the beams, and then when I unlocked the door, I couldn't go through, it was as if I was on the wrong side of a door needing a beholder's key. Then when I went back up the elevator and came back down, the door was locked again, and I couldn't do anything because the beam is gone. Does anyone know what I did wrong, and how to fix it?

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User Info: parademon1

6 years ago#2
maybe you can help me i am trying to get the final beam to release azeral but i can't get up to that door with the blue forcefield how do i do that

User Info: fred1266

6 years ago#3

you guess still want help

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