12 Retro GP courses still unknown

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User Info: CWA_ChampGunloc

9 years ago#1
We already know 4 of them thanks to the faq on this board. But there's a problem this time around because there have been 5 Mario karts released to date. MKDS had 4 retro cups with one course from each MK game in every cup. So how do you think they will split it up?

I think they will just use courses from the N64, GCN & NDS games because they were all ready in 3D and that's how it seems there going with it right now till we learn more. So the 4 courses and who knows maybe already a cup are...
Yoshi Falls MKDS
Peach Beach MKDD
Sherbet Land MK64
DK Mountain MKDD

None of these courses were in the DS game so there's a good chance they won't repeat any of them to keep it fresh. With saying all that the ones that are left to choose from are...
(Mushroom) Luigi Raceway, Koopa Troopa Beach & Kalimari Desert
(Flower) Toad's Turnpike & Mario Raceway
(Star) Wario Stadium, Royal Raceway & Bowser's Castle
(Special) DK's Jungle Parkway, Yoshi Valley & Rainbow Road
(Mushroom) Dry Dry Desert
(Flower) Mario Circuit, Daisy Cruiser & Waluigi Stadium
(Star) Sherbet Land & Mushroom City
(Special) Wario Colosseum, Dino Dino Jungle, Bowser's Castle & Rainbow Road
(Mushroom) Figure-8 Circuit, Cheep Cheep Beach & Luigi's Mansion
(Flower) Desert Hills, Delfino Square, Waluigi Pinball & Shroom Ridge
(Star) DK Pass, Tick-Tock Clock, Mario Circuit & Airship Fortress
(Special) Wario Stadium, Peach Gardens, Bowser Castle & Rainbow

If I had my choice to create a cup out of these it
would go like this...
Kalimari Desert MK64
Waluigi Stadium MKDD
Yoshi Valley MK64
Airship Fortress MKDS

What courses would you choose for your cup? Anyway I'm looking forward to this game if you can't tell.
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User Info: Monsterbarnet

9 years ago#2
I'd pick Kalimari Desert, Toad's Turnpike, Wario Stadium an DK's Jungle Park Way from Mario Kart 64. Rainbow Road should be put in a special Rainbow Cup together with all the other Rainbow Roads.

User Info: pikachu936

9 years ago#3
One of the Mario Circuits from SMK is confirmed.
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User Info: 883124

9 years ago#4
I would have a Rainbow cup as a selection. But not avaliable at first.
TO earn it you have to complete everything (all cups, all cc's, and have at least 1 Star on each GP)
and it will have all 5 previous RR's and the MK wiis as the last race (6 races in all)
Sounds likwe a good idea to me.
As far as retro race, As long as they don't include race's from 1 cup instead of a variety, then thats fine by me.
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User Info: CWA_ChampGunloc

9 years ago#5
Do you have a link? I looked around and only found info saying it might be the Mario Circuit from MKDS. Hopefully when the mag comes out in Germany with MKWii on the cover we will have a better idea on what's in.
I would love Nintendo to go back to having 5 courses per cup but they stopped that after SMK. :( Hopefully they keep the team play from MKDS and the option to make a room 5+ courses instead of just 4 online.
"Just call me the God of driving"
Gus from the Crazy Taxi games

User Info: CWA_ChampGunloc

9 years ago#6
Your right pikachu I just found the pic for a Mario Circuit course (SNES). From where the item boxes were placed it's not Mario Circuit 1. Well that makes me happy cause its cool but also destroys my post... Mostly haha ;) Anyway its good stuff cause there's way more courses to choose from now that haven't already been in MKDS' Retro Cup.
"Just call me the God of driving"
Gus from the Crazy Taxi games

User Info: patz

9 years ago#7
Hopefully they don't add Baby Park (MKDD) or any course from original Mario Kart (SFC or SNES). Even though I know one of original Mario Kart course is confirmed, I hope it is Battle Mode course.

User Info: patz

9 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: patz

9 years ago#9
All screen shots we have seen so far


I think "Moo Moo Farm" and "Mushroom City" are also confirmed.

User Info: FreezyToad

9 years ago#10
Are you sure about Mushroom City being confirmed? If so, that would be so awesome! i loved Mushroom City :D Also, I never saw some of those Mario Kart Wii pictures before, so that was cool to see.

Also, I thnik there should be a rainbow Cup with different Rainbow Roads tracks.
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